15+ Big Data Books for Free! [PDF]

The storage of large amounts of data has been a problem that has been unleashed along with the advance of information technologies. Especially in the business environment, it represents a problem that can have negative consequences. To enable you to explore solutions to this challenge, we have put together a collection of books on big data in PDF format.

Explore everything related to this area of study of great current interest, its applications, problems, advances and operation. All of this with our selection of big data books in PDF format, completely free to access.

Big data is part of the disciplines related to information and communications technologies and has applications in various sectors that have the need to manipulate huge volumes of data. Among them we can mention: health, espionage, advertising, the fight against organized crime, among others.

In this sense, big data is defined as large and complex data sets that require unconventional software and applications to process them efficiently. Its objective is to find repetitive patterns in these data through specialized programs or systems.

In fact, the most current use of big data is to analyze user behavior, extract value from the data and make predictions based on the observed patterns. Its importance lies in the fact that data can be extracted from any source and analyzed to develop new products, reduce time and costs, and make the right decisions.

In other words, big data is changing the way organizations around the world use information to generate solutions to complex problems.

We hope these more than 15 big data books in PDF format will be of great help to your research. Don’t forget to download as many as you want from this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Big Data books:

1) Digital Notes on Big Data Analytics

Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology

Source: Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology

2) Big Data: Challenges, Opportunities, and Realities

Abhay Kumar Bhadani and Dhanya Jothimani

Source: e-Print archive

3) Big Data Opportunities and Challenges: Discussions from Data Analytics Perspectives

Zhi Hua Zhou, Nitesh V Chawla,Yaochu Jin

Source: Jean Charles Gilbert Inria

4) Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Roberto V Zicari

Source: Operational Database Management Systems

5) Fundamentals of Big Data Analytics

Rudolf Mathar

Source: Institute for Theoretical Information Technology

6) Harnessing Big Data for Social Good: A Grand Challenge for Social Work

Claudia J Coulton, Robert Goerge, Emily Putnam Hornstein

Source: Grand Challenges for Social Work

7) Big Data in Marketing

Daniil Tykheev

Source: Theseus

8) Big Data Analytics: Importance, Challenges, Categories, Techniques, and Tools (Article)

Sarah Alswedani, Mostafa Saleh

Source: World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering

9) A Survey on Big Data Analytics: Challenges, Open Research Issues and Tools (Article)

D P Acharjya, Kauser Ahmed P

Source: The Science and Information

10) A Survey on Challenges and Advantages in Big Data (Article)

Lenka Venkata Satyanarayana

Source: International Journal of Computer Science and Technology

11) How Many Old and New Big Data v's Characteristics, Processing Technology, and Applications (Article)

Abouelela Abdou

Source: International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering

12) Big Data in Cloud Computing Review and Opportunities (Article)

Manoj Muniswamaiah,Tilak Agerwala,Charles Tappert

Source: e-Print archive

13) Big Data in Cloud Computing: Features and Issues (Article)

Pedro Caldeira Neves,Bradley Schmerl,Jorge Bernardino

Source: Acme Documentation

14) Saving Costs with a Big Data Strategy Framework (Article)

Mike Lakoju, Alan Serrano

Source: Methodologies to Improve big Data Projects

15) Big Data Trends in Domains of Application (Article)

Sandra Lovren,Martina Sestak,Kornelije Rabuzin

Source: International Scientific Conference ITEMA

16) The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Organizational Performance (Article)

Fatimah Ahmad Bahsir, Masitah Ahmad

Source: International Journal of Information and Knowledge Management

17) Investigation into Big Data Impact on Digital Marketing (Article)

Ketty Grishikashvili,S Dibb,M Meadows

Source: Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies

18) Challenges of Using the Big Data in Marketing (Article)

Katarina Curko, Mladen Varga and Zvonko Merkas

Source: International Association of Research and Science

19) Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Applications for Text, Audio, Video, and Social Media Data (Article)

Jai Prakash Verma,Smita Agrawal,Bankim Patel

Source: Aircc Digital Library

20) Role of Big Data Analytics in Increasing Brand Equity Within Pharmaceutical Industry (Article)

Tareq N Hashem,Diana Mohd Adnan Homsi,Sultan Mohammad Said Sultan Freihat

Source: Allied Business Academies

Here ends our selection of free Big Data books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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