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We present to you a basic and indispensable collection for today’s times, these are books of operating systems in PDF format that contain fundamental information to know its operation, characteristics, typology and functions.

If you are studying computer science, you have done well to look for our selection of books on operating systems in PDF format, since it will help you to enter in the matter in a suitable and safe way.

We can define operating systems as those softwares that are responsible for directing, coordinating and managing the hardware, applications and other internal or external resources of a computer.

In this sense, they perform several essential tasks for the operation of computers, such as the control of objects or peripheral devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse), the sending of information between application programs, the prevention of security problems, among others.

Depending on the operating system running on the computer or other electronic device, different types of programs and/or applications can be installed and used. The main characteristics of operating systems are:

  • They are present in all computers, as they make them work properly.
  • It directs and coordinates the correct operation of the programs and software installed on the computer.
  • It can perform multiple tasks. 
  • Provides the connection between software, hardware and the user interface.
  • Makes it possible to execute new tasks on the computer.

The most popular operating systems are: Microsoft Windows, Android, MS-DOS, Mac OS X and Linux. They can be further classified into: single-tasking, multi-tasking, single-user, multi-user, multi-processor and real-time.

Today no computer can run without operating systems, although this was not always the case. Early computers ran with batch processing.

Don’t miss this collection of over 15 books on operating systems in PDF format. Download them immediately and totally free from this section of our digital library.

Here we present our complete selection of Operating Systems books:

Operating Systems

Prashanta Kumar Patra

Operating Systems I

Dr A S Sodiya

Monograph on Operating System

Dr Mamta Bansal Rajshree

Operating Systems An Overview

University of Kashmir

Lecture 1 Operating Systems

University of Technology Iraq

Computer and Operating System Structure

Bangladesh Open University

Operating System Notes

Government of Rajasthan Education Portal

Windows Operating Systems

Bihar Animal Sciences University

Operating System Lecture Notes

K Rohini

Operating Systems (Presentation)

Steven Hand

Operating Systems (Presentation)

FTMS College

Types of Operating System (Presentation)

BMS College for Women Official Website

Operating Systems (Presentation)

VLSI Signal Processing Lab

Introduction (Article)

University of Babylon

Lecture Notes on Operating Systems (Presentation)

University of Babylon

Different types of Operating Systems (Presentation)

University of Alicante

An Introduction to Operating Systems (Presentation)

Luddy School of Informatics Computing and Engineering

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