20+ Excel Books for Free! [PDF]

Some computer tools are indispensable nowadays. Especially in the workplace, not mastering some of them can represent a limitation to fully develop in a job or even get it in the first instance. To train you in one of the most important ones, we have created the Excel book collection in PDF format.

Excel is a computer program that belongs to the Microsoft Company and is freely accessible to all people who have a computer with Windows installed. Over the years it has become the most widely used electronic spreadsheet in the world. Therefore, we understand your interest in approaching this selection of excel books in PDF format.

This computer program is part of the Office package, along with PowerPoint and Word, all from Microsoft. It was released in 1985. At that time, the first version was created exclusively for Macintosh, however, in 1987, Microsoft released Excel 2.0, exclusively for Windows. From then on, it began to evolve non-stop until it became the most requested.

Excel has very different functions from those of other office programs, since it allows the user to work with numerical data. With the data we enter in the spreadsheet we can perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; complex mathematical functions and also statistical functions.

In addition, it allows us to analyze all the data in an easy and practical way, as well as to obtain reports of results through graphs and tables. Learning to handle this tool is essential for most jobs today, not only for those in accounting or finance.

Study about this subject safely with these more than 20 excel books in PDF format. Download them free and fast from this section to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Excel books:

1) Microsoft Excel Manual

University of Mary Washington

2) Excel Fundamentals

St. George’s University of London

3) Advanced spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel 2010

Mariza Maini

4) Essential Spreadsheets Book 1

University of York

5) Excel 2010 Advanced

STL Training

6) Advanced Excel - Vlookup, Hlookup and Pivot Tables - Excel 2010

Liz Cooke

7) MS-Excel Lecture Notes

Government Arts College Coimbatore

8) Microsoft Excel: Advanced

Towson University

9) Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks

Mynda Treacy

10) Excel Advanced

Shasta County Office of Education

11) Formulas & Functions in Microsoft Excel

Theresa A Scott, MS

12) Microsoft Excel for Beginners

Pandora Rose Cowart

13) Introduction to Excel


14) Intro to Excel spreadsheets

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

15) Excel Functions - Full List

Western Sydney University

16) Creating Basic Excel Formulas

Syracuse University

17) Chapter 3 Logical Functions

Watsonia Publishing

18) Advanced Formulas and Functions in Microsoft Excel (Article)

UIS-Universidad Industrial de Santander

19) Excel: Introduction to Formulas (Article)

Shasta County Office of Education

20) Excel Cheat Sheet Basic Skills (Article)


21) Excel Formulas (Article)

University of Detroit Mercy

Here ends our selection of free Excel books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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