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With more than five thousand years of history and China being the most populated country in the world, the gastronomy of this Asian giant is one of the most varied and diverse in the world. It has eight world-renowned traditional cuisines that have become a source of inspiration for many world-class chefs.

That is why we could not overlook the contribution that this cuisine has had in the rest of the world and, therefore, we have decided to compile the best and most popular dishes of this gastronomy in a series of Chinese cookbooks in PDF format.

Likewise, the contribution that this ancestral gastronomy has had in many countries of the world is simply undeniable. In fact, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines owe much to the contributions they have received from Chinese gastronomic culture.

For this reason, learning about it will help to better understand the influence it has had on the culinary culture of other countries. For this reason, we offer you some of the best free Chinese cookbooks to download at no cost.

The Chinese culinary art has among its most predominant characteristics the diverse colors and aromas that activate and stimulate the senses almost instantly and, additionally, an excellent flavor unique to each region.

Thanks to its enormous geographic size, four great gastronomic styles with well-defined characteristics and differences were formed and developed over time. Thanks, in large part, to the different climatic conditions, geography, customs and culture of each of these regions.
For this reason, we can clearly identify four gastronomic styles characteristic of each of these regions. These four styles are: Shanghai (East China), Guangdong (Southeast), Sichuan (West) and, Beijing (North).

If you want to know more about each of these styles, do not hesitate to download our collection of free Chinese cookbooks in PDF format.

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Here we present our complete selection of Chinese Cookbooks:

#1. Easy Chinese Cuisine author Ailam Lim | Source: Geocities.ws
#2. China in 50 Dishes author HSBC | Source: Week In China
#3. Dumpling Basics author Sur La Table | Source: Sur La Table
#4. Seasonal Recipes Minh author Minh | Source: Schwan’s Food Service
#5. Hibachi-Style Shrimp Fried Rice author Blue Apron | Source: Blue Apron
#6. Sesame Chicken author Chef Amelia | Source: Macon Centreplex
#7. Cajun Crab Rangoon author SandraLim | Source: AAUW Morgan Hill
#8. Nepali Momos author Together Women Rise | Source: Together Women Rise
#9. Bestest Breakfast Egg Rolls author Hungry Girl | Source: Hungry Girl
#10. Wonton Noodle Soup author ENewsletter | Source: ENewsletter
#11. Mushroom Wonton Soup author Meez Meals | Source: Meez Meals
#12. Fried Rice author Wellbeing SA | Source: Wellbeing SA
#13. Crab Rangoon Wonton Cups author Heinen’s Grocery Store | Source: Heinen’s Grocery Store
#14. Chicken Fried Rice author Psc.gov | Source: Psc.gov
#15. General Tso’s Chicken with Sweet Peppers & Jasmine Rice author Blue Apron | Source: Blue Apron


#16. Pork Shumai Meatballs author Home Chef | Source: Home Chef
#17. Crab Rangoon Recipe author Welcome to the 19th Annual CrabFest! | Source: Welcome to the 19th Annual CrabFest!
#18. Wonton Soup author Alberta Health Services | Source: Alberta Health Services
#19. Chinese Egg Rolls author Saverne Products | Source: Saverne Products
#20. General Tso’s Chicken with Rice & Shishito Peppers author Blue Apron | Source: Blue Apron
#21. Chinese Fried Rice author CSULB | Source: CSULB
#22. Vegetable Fried Rice author Foodbank.org.uk | Source: Foodbank.org.uk
#23. Sesame Chicken with Bok Choy & Jasmine Rice author Blue Apron | Source: Blue Apron
#24. Honey Sesame Chicken author NuWave Now | Source: NuWave Now
#25. Wonton Soup author Sunny Cove Chef | Source: Sunny Cove Chef
#26. Wonton Soup for the Soul with Fried Wonton Strips author Squarespace | Source: Squarespace
#27. Rainbow Fried Rice author Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services | Source: Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
#28. Safer Food Better Business Chinese Cuisine author Food Standards Agency | Source: Food Standards Agency
#29. Chinese cuisine (Power Point Presentation) author Scilt.org.uk | Source: Scilt.org.uk
#30. An Introduction to Chinese Cuisine author Vernon Coelho | Source: Tygroupa’s Blog
#31. Cantonese cuisine author Chinese Government Scholarship | Source: Chinese Government Scholarship

Here ends our selection of free Chinese Cookbooks in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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