25+ French Cookbooks for Free! [PDF]

It is no secret to anyone that food is one of the most sought-after attractions for tourists in every part of the world they visit. We all love to enjoy a delicious dish and, through it, get to know the incredible world that exists within a country’s culture.

For that reason, we have brought a very good selection of free books on French cuisine. Whether you are going to travel or just want to know a little more about its gastronomic history, this guide will be very useful for you. Take advantage of it!

Something that really characterizes French people in their cuisine is their very skillful and impressive techniques. These are very varied and make preparing a French dish a bit demanding but the result is always impressive.

Its ingredients are varied, they have a wide range of cheeses typical of their territory and their incredible desserts, such as the traditional Crêpes or the famous Crème brûlée, have conquered the palate of many people around the world.

Through the country’s best known chefs, French cuisine has spread all over the planet. And although it has been influenced by the neighboring cultures of its European surroundings, it has maintained that touch that is typical of the streets of France that distinguishes it from others.

From haute cuisine, to the smallest restaurants; it has a lot to offer and you’ll find an immense catalog of flavors that you won’t regret trying.

Take a look at this free and public domain content so you can become an expert! Here you will find a lot of information about the typical dishes, their origins, the different ways of cooking, the best fruits and vegetables and more…

We invite you to enjoy this group of more than 25 free books on French cuisine in PDF format… You can’t miss it!

Here we present our complete selection of French Cookbooks:

1) Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon

Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck

2) Authentic French Onion Soup Courtesy of Julia Child

Rockville Centre Public Library Website

3) Cassoulet

Susanne de Gascogne

4) Leek and potato soup (Vichyssoise)

Phyllis' Kitchen

5) Croque Monsieur

J. T. Ellison

6) Coquilles Saint-Jacques

James Beard

7) Fried Frog Legs

Grafton Land Trust

8) Whole Lobster Thermidor

East Quay Venue

9) Filets of sole normande

Alliance Française d'Annapolis

10) French hound brasserie's bouillabaisse

The Piedmont Virginian

11) Filet Mignon with Mathurini Sauce

Hubert Keller

12) Pate and Terrine

Vernon Coelho

13) French Onion Soup

Taz Doolittle

14) Beef Bourguignon

Julia Child

15) Béchamel Sauce (Mornay sauce)

Akis Petretzikis

16) Ratatouille Recipe

Gritt's Farm

17) Carottes a la vichy

Richard Rosendale

18) French Dressing

Sub 4 Health

19) Lyonnaise salad

Frank Boerdner

20) Les Desserts

Jacques Haeringer

21) French Crêpes and Classic French Palmiers


22) Brioche

Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

23) French Toast Soufflé

Hennessey House Bed and Breakfast

24) Coq Au Vin Recipe

Only Provence

25) Escargots in Puff Pastry

Hubert Keller

26) Pommes Aligot

Taz Cooks

Here ends our selection of free French Cookbooks in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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