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Lebanese cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, and has its roots in the food of the Levant, an ancient region of the eastern Mediterranean that includes countries such as Cyprus and Syria. In our section of Lebanese cookbooks in PDF format you will find the most emblematic dishes of this gastronomy and why it is so interesting.

Usually, Lebanese food includes foods that are baked, grilled or briefly cooked with olive oil. Except for sweets, butter is not usually used, while vegetables can be eaten cooked or raw.

Lebanese cuisine varies according to the region. For example, in the south of the country you can find the popular kibbe, and the north is known for its traditional sweets. What is common to all Lebanese is to serve the drink always accompanied by food, usually served in small dishes that vary in terms of flavors and textures.

Lebanese food is a sensory explosion. Aromas of thyme, cumin, cinnamon, or light notes such as garlic and green herbs, complete one of the most satisfying culinary experiences in the world. Although many recipes include the use of meat, many meals are vegan because of the country’s typical ingredients.

Almost all Lebanese dishes are easy to prepare and include simple ingredients. If you want to learn more about the gastronomy of this region, be sure to check out our collection of more than 10 Lebanese cookbooks in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Lebanese Cookbooks:

Lebanese food, ‘Lebaneseness’ and the Lebanese diaspora in London

Ali Abdallah, Thomas Fletcher and Kevin Hannam

Kibbee, Community and Culture: Lebanese Food and Identity in Waterville

David Freidenreich

Food composition data: Traditional Dishes, Arabic Sweets and Market Foods

Maha Hoteit and Edwina Zoghbi

Traditional Lebanese recipes based on wild plants: An answer to diet simplification? (Article)

Malek Batal and Elizabeth Hunter

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of the Lebanese Community toward Food Adulteration

May Khanafer, Marwa Diab El Harake, Imad Toufeili and Samer A. Kharroubi

Stylistic Analysis of Lebanese Food Paper Tablemats

Ibrahim Srour

Healthy & Satisfying Middle Eastern Recipes

Luke Coutinho

Middle East Cuisine (Article)

Gyan Sanchay

Development of a Lebanese food exchange system based on frequently consumed Eastern Mediterranean traditional dishes and Arabic sweets

Maha Hoteit

Sustainable, Healthy and Affordable Diets for Children in Lebanon: A Call for Action in Dire Times

Lamis Jomaa, Lara Nasreddine and others

Wild leafy vegetables: A potential source for a traditional Mediterranean food from Lebanon

Safaa Baydoun, Nizar Hani, Hatem Nasser and Tiziana Ulian

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