20+ Pastry Books for Free! [PDF]

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For a long time, pastry making has been something that we have left to our grandmothers or mothers, who have exquisite recipes. However, with us you can enjoy the best pastry books in PDF format and enter this exciting world.

If you are a mother, father or simply want to learn about pastry, you have come to the best place, as we have the best books on pastry in PDF format for you. One of the main advantages of our website, is the variety of books we have, you can enjoy any recipe with us.

Also, we have books in different levels, considering that not everyone has a basic notion of pastry making. So if you want to start from 0, here you will find the best books.

After all, learning this art is of great benefit to everyone, from the little ones in the house who will enjoy the different desserts you make for them, to the entire family.

Nowadays, we find a great amount of candies inside any supermarket, but it is not as healthy as a simple orange cake.

That’s when we realize that making a dessert for our children is much better. Also, being the one who prepares the pastries at home, you can help your family and friends in any celebration.

In addition to this, pastries can be traded quickly and easily, there will always be a need for some sweet or cake in a celebration. This allows you to turn the downloading of a book into a free investment.

We have more than 20 books about pastry in PDF format for you, with which you can learn and have that information you need so much always at hand.

Here we present our complete selection of Pastry Books:

Prepare and produce cakes and pastries

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Bakery and Confectionery

EIILM University

Dessert Lovers Foodbook


Baking 4. Cakes, Pies and Pastries

Louise Garrett

Desserts (pastry and pies)

U.S. Marine Corps

Practical Cake Baking & Decorating

Teresa Thomas Bohannon

Pacific cooks. Sweet treats edition

University of the Pacific

A recipe for disaster: cakes & puddings


Basic pastry work


Easy as pie

Machine Shed

Modern Pastry and Plated Dessert Techniques

BC Cook Articulation Committee

Recipe Inspiration



Sprowston Community Academy


Texas A&M AgriLife

Homemade Apple Pies

Krazy Kitchen

Essential Tips and Techniques in Baking and Pastry Making for Beginners

Various authors


Shri Shyam Document Center

Laminated Doughs (Presentation)

Linn-Benton Community College

Puff pastry recipe

Berkshire Community College

Loprofin Basic Pastry

Nutricia Metabolic

Top baking & pastry career paths

The Culinary Institute of America

Here ends our selection of free Pastry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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