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Jewish food is a blend of tradition and religion. Its history begins with the ancient Israelites and goes through different stages of the Jewish Diaspora to give life to what is known today as “fusion cuisine”. Check out our collection of Jewish cookbooks in PDF format.

For Jews, food is synonymous with family reunion and shared memories. The term “Shulchan Aruch”, a code of Jewish law, means “the table set”. With this, we can get an idea of how important cooking is to Judaism. Traditionally, it is a ritual to remember and create good memories.

Lamb meat, grapes, wheat, barley, legumes, wild plants, figs and olives are just some of the most representative ingredients of today’s Jewish cuisine dating back to biblical times. Thanks to a history marked by sacrifice and necessity, the Jewish people seek to promote generosity through food.

Jewish cooking is also an offering of love through abundance. If you ever eat at a Jewish family’s home, you’ll notice that the plates are overflowing with food. Why? Religious events in the Jewish tradition are based on sharing heaps of food with your relatives to remember the lack of the older generations.

To learn much more about Judaism’s iconic foods, visit our section of over 15 Jewish cookbooks in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Jewish Cookbooks:

Celebrating Traditions Cookbook

Nancy Ludin

If I Am What I Eat, Who Am I? Using Food to Maintain Jewish Identity and Heritage in Norway

Miriam Janice Cohen Kiel

Jewish american foodways: the dietary construction of identity

Natalie Michelle Kuntz

Traditional jewish cooking

Milica Mihailovic

A taste of jewish food (Article)

Cheltenham Synagogue

Cookbooks: Preserving Jewish Tradition

Daniel E. Feinberg and Alice Crosetto

NewKosher Cookbook Your Favorite Jewish Vegan Recipes

Jeremiah Satterfield, Patrick Aleph and Michael Sabani

The Dishes of the Jews of Italy: A Historical Survey (Article)

Claudia Roden

Rediscover cookbook - adventures in the jewish gastronomy of the danube region

Ákos Kállay

Kosher Food and Drink (Presentation)

King's Meadow School

How is jewish identity manifested through food?

Shannon Leavitt

Paradoxes of Jews and Their Food

Richard Wilk

Meals as Midrash: A Survey of Ancient Meals in Jewish Studies

Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus

Fit to Eat: Food Security and Justice Resource and Action Guide for Jewish Organizations

Alli Rosen and Liz Traison

Serving Tradition: Using Jewish Cookbooks and Jewish Websites to Preserve the Multi-faceted Jewish Culture

Alice Crosetto and Daniel E. Feinberg

What does it mean to eat Jewishly

Aldea Mulhern

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