5 Baking Books for Free! [PDF]

Explore the art and science of baking with our collection of free PDF baking books.

Bakery is one of the oldest forms of food preparation and is an art that requires precision, patience, and passion.

From making basic bread to advanced techniques for creating a variety of artisan breads and fermented doughs, our selection offers a wide range of knowledge for anyone interested in the world of bread.

These books are valuable resources for both novice and experienced bakers, providing detailed guides on kneading techniques, fermentation, baking, and decoration, as well as traditional and contemporary recipes from around the world.

Download our collection of baking books in PDF for free and start exploring the magic of transforming simple ingredients into delicious and nutritious masterpieces.

Begin your journey into the wonderful world of baking.

Baking Books

How to Bake

Dennis Weaver

How to Bake, is a comprehensive guide to baking, covering ingredients, techniques, and recipes for successful baking in your kitchen. It provides valuable information on various aspects of baking, including flour, eggs, yeast, leaveners, dairy products, fats, sweeteners, and chocolate.

The Sourdough Framework

Hendrik Kleinwächter

The Sourdough Framework, is a comprehensive guide to understanding the history, science, and techniques behind sourdough bread making. It covers topics such as sourdough starters, different types of bread, flour types, and mix-ins.

Bakery I

Central Board of Secondary Education

Bakery I, is a handbook and practical manual for Bakery-I students in Class XI. It provides information on bakery aims and objectives, hygiene, bread-making, and bakery equipment.

Best Bread Production Handbook

Erasmus+, UE

Best Bread Production Handbook, is a comprehensive guide to bread production techniques, including topics such as traditional baking, raw materials, additives, dough processing, baking steps, bread cooling, packaging, and evaluation.

Bread Baking 101

Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service

Bread Baking 101, provides guidance on adjusting yeast bread recipes for high altitude, using bread machines, troubleshooting common issues, and various bread recipes.

Baking Guides

Bread Recipes

Angel Yeast

Bread Recipes, provides new and healthy recipes for baking bread, offering market potential and promoting the production of healthy baked foods.


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Breads, provides general information on baking, specifically focusing on breads. It covers the purpose of baking, different bread types, baking processes, and factors affecting bread production.

Bakers Choice Recipe Book


Bakers Choice Recipe Book, is a collection of cake recipes and baking tips. It includes various cake flavors, icings, frostings, and additional recipes like cookies.

A Beginners Guide To Baking Bread

Marilyn Moll

A Beginner's Guide To Baking Bread, provides a comprehensive introduction to baking bread, including whole grain basics, recipes, and tips for beginners. It emphasizes the importance of using basic ingredients and offers practical guidance for incorporating bread baking into a busy lifestyle.

Enjoy Yeast Breads, Both Plain and Fancy

Elna Miller

Enjoy Yeast Breads, Both Plain and Fancy, is a PDF that provides fundamental facts and tested recipes for bread making. It covers topics such as recognizing bread-making problems, selecting ingredients, understanding dough fermentation, and includes various bread recipes.

Gluten-Free Baking

Marquette Food Co-op

Gluten-Free Baking, is a guide that provides information on various gluten-free flours and their uses in baking. It also includes alternative flours and their characteristics.

How Bread is Made

Federation of Bakers

How Bread is Made, provides information on the ingredients, legislation, and production methods involved in breadmaking. It explains the importance of flour quality, the role of yeast in fermentation, the use of salt and water, and other additional ingredients used in bread production.

Get Baking


Get Baking, is a guide that provides classic baking recipes and tips, including Victoria Sandwich, Scones, Cob Loaf, Lemon Soufflés, and Cornish Pasties. It emphasizes the popularity and enjoyment of baking, offering step-by-step instructions and essential baking advice.

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