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It is common knowledge that gastronomy is one of the most important areas to learn about the culture of a country. Whether you are a new visitor going for just a few days, or a connoisseur of delicacies for the palate, there is no doubt that the gastronomic aspect is one of the main sources of information.

For this reason, we decided to compile a set of free Japanese cookbooks in PDF format. We have designed this section very carefully, to provide you with a high quality alternative, which allows you to know the best options of this type of books that exist today.

Who doesn’t like a succulent sushi once in a while? Undoubtedly, Japanese gastronomy has a lot to offer, as well as its vast traditions, which influence the specific, methodical and particular preparation of each of its typical dishes.

For all these qualities and more, we bring for you this selection of Japanese cookbooks, so you can get to know the best that this food brings for you, since it is characterized by combining the most special ingredients with the discipline and methods characteristic of Japan.

Do not miss the amazing opportunity that we have brought for you today, because once you discover the wonderful flavors that Japan offers you, you will not be able to stop delighting with its exquisite dishes.

So, do not hesitate to download these books that are in the public domain, take advantage of them and download as many as you like from our selection of Japanese Cooking books in PDF format.

Once you have done so, you will discover a new world of Japanese flavors and a different way of understanding them, since you will be informed about the most important aspects of this culinary world that offers you an immense variety of new things.

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Vegetarian Meals for Beginners

A beginner in the world of vegetarian food can easily give up if they do not know where to start. It is necessary to obtain adequate knowledge of what this type of food is about and the benefits it has.

Being vegetarian in a world of carnivores is not easy, however it is possible, and when we analyze the trend, we can notice that many people are opting for a diet of natural, unprocessed vegetables.

Vegetarian meals for beginners include: lentil stew, vegetarian chili, green vegetables with bulgur, lentil curry tacos, lentil medallions with yogurt sauce, vegetarian burritos, tofu in garlic sauce, and broccoli and tofu stir-fry. Once you have enjoyed these dishes, you can continue trying new ones.

Kurbo’s International - Vegetarian Cookbook

Thea Runyan and Arielle Adelman

Vegetarian Lasagna

Midwest Food Resources

African American Vegan Starter Guide

McQuirter MPH

Eat well for 15 a week: Vegetarian Recipes

University of the West of England Bristol

The Vegetarian Starter Guide

Mercy For Animals

Vegetarian Entrees

Vegetarian food is quite varied, it contains many minerals and proteins that help the body to reach a full level of energy and health. Its dishes are very many, since due to the great amount of vegetables that exist, all kinds of dishes can be prepared.

However, a classification can be made, making a difference between vegetarian entrees, salads, snacks, etc. In our case we will consider the entrees, which are those that contain a high level of protein and include the entire vegetarian repertoire, that is, when we speak of entrees, we are talking about a completely balanced menu, where the “famous” meat substitutes are added.

This type of meal is usually intended for lunch, and in restaurants it is known as the main course.

Vegetable Cookbook

Heart Foundation

50 Vegan Recipes

Megan Alph

30-Day Vegetarian Meal Plan

Living Spinal - Mobility and Supplies for Paralysis

Vegetarian Breakfast

Starting the day in a nutritious and delicious way is one of the best sensations that we can give to our body, and this is only possible with vegetarian food, since it has the necessary proteins that our organism needs.

It is very important the vegetarian breakfast; among the three meals it is always considered the main one, it has even been said that you can stop having lunch, but not breakfast, and the fact is that the body gets rid of many toxins at night by resting, leaving the body ready to receive the new food, therefore, nourishing it properly is essential.

Among the vegetarian breakfasts are the following: avocados with coriander, cakes of portobello mushrooms, bean stew with nopales (cactus), whole wheat carrot cake pancakes, etc.

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Naturopath Bree Jenner

Quaker Oats Recipes


Morning Tofu Scramble

Caroline Waters, RDN

Zesty Tofu Scramble

The Ohio State University

Vegetarian Desserts

Vegetarian desserts? a somewhat contradictory phrase for those who do not know about it, but the reality is that vegetarian desserts are more common than it seems, and are a source of much energy and healthy proteins for the body.

Being a predator, we can be sure that desserts are delicious, but when we talk about vegetarian food, the situation may change, however, the reality is not so, there are many palates that usually enjoy these delicacies.

The most common vegetarian desserts are: Creamy pineapple-orange smoothie, pancakes, coconut-banana cake, chocolate protein pancakes, vegan cookies, apple cinnamon puff pastry, peanut butter nougat, brownie in a mug, and finally strawberry and banana ice cream.

Best Ever Vegan Nutella

Sadioa Badiei

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Janeva Eickhoff

Carrot Muffinsand More

Child Care Solutions

Vegetarian Meals for Kids

Vegetarian food is not desired by children, in fact most of them avoid it, as they tend to get bored too easily, and let’s be clear, the diversity of flavors is their greatest desire, they want meat, chicken, fish, fried foods, etc. For this reason, it is a difficult task for parents.

However, there is nothing more beneficial for a growing child than eating vegetarian food, it provides them with the necessary nutrients for their day to day life, providing them with a totally healthy growth.

The recommended dishes in vegetarian meals for kids are the following: cauliflower nuggets, lentils and rice (in the shape of a teddy bear), black bean burgers, zucchini chips, spinach gnocchi, eggplant, mango guacamole, baked vegetable cakes, and chickpea cookies.

Sweet Potato Fries that are Actually Crispy

Welcome to Mind Over Munch!

Tofu Bacon Strips

Animal Protection New Mexico

Veggie Burger Recipe

Pfenning's Organic Health Products & Food

Veggie kids’ kitchen

Rose Elliot

Vegetarian Snacks

What is a snack? It is an appetizer, a simple meal, which is enjoyed in the afternoon, it can be a bread with soda, etc. However, at this point, we will focus on vegetarian snacks, which are quite delicious.

The great thing about snacks is that they are very easy to prepare, and they are a perfect appetizer before a delicious dinner, they are also useful to give to guests, and especially to convince the little ones at home to eat vegetables. They are also very useful when a person is making that difficult transition from meat to vegetables.

Some snacks are: popcorn, roasted pumpkin seeds, baked potato chips, cucumber chips, baked sweet potato chips, cumin-spiced chickpeas, homemade hummus, apple snacks, apple bars with oatmeal, and roasted carrots.

Crunchy Granola

Active Me 360 CIC

Crispy Zucchini Fries

Hungry Girl

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