7 Chocolate Books for Free! [PDF]

Immerse yourself in the delicious and complex world of chocolate with our collection of free chocolate books in PDF.

Chocolate, one of the most beloved delights in the world, hides behind it a rich history, meticulous manufacturing techniques, and a universe of flavors and textures.

From its origin and evolution to guides on how to select, taste, and cook with different types of chocolate, our selection offers a deep insight into this fascinating food.

These books are an invaluable source for enthusiasts and professionals who wish to explore the culture of chocolate, improve their cooking techniques, and discover innovative recipes centered around this ingredient.

Download your free chocolate books in PDF now and start uncovering all the secrets that this exquisite delicacy has to offer.

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Books and Recipes for Chocolate in PDF

Tempering Chocolate

National Science Week

Tempering Chocolate by National Science Week is a guide that explains the process of tempering chocolate. It discusses the importance of tempering to achieve the desired texture and appearance of chocolate. It also provides information on different types of chocolate and methods for tempering.

Chocolate Recipe Book

Sefco Zeelandia

Chocolate Recipe Book by Sefco Zeelandia is a collection of chocolate recipes featuring unique flavors such as red pepper, lavender, basil, ginger, and more. It provides instructions for creating various chocolate-based treats and explores different combinations of ingredients to enhance the chocolate experience.

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolateguide

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolateguide provides a comprehensive guide to Tony's Chocolonely, including information on the origin of chocolate, the cocoa value chain, and their mission to create a slave-free chocolate industry.

Trending Chocolate Recipe Collection


Trending Chocolate Recipe Collection by Rachel Mansfield is a compilation of delicious and healthy chocolate recipes featuring SunButter. The recipes are created by a diverse group of social media influencers and include options for various dietary preferences.

Global Stories Where Chocolate Sparked Discovery, Innovation, and Imagination!

National Geographic Partners

Global Stories Where Chocolate Sparked Discovery, Innovation, and Imagination! by National Geographic Partners is a collection of educational lessons and activities that explore the history and influence of chocolate. It contains little-known facts, illustrations, and maps, engaging students in creative thinking and collaboration.

Taste Chocolate


Taste Chocolate by Taste is a collection of tempting chocolate recipes for treats, sweets, cakes, and desserts. It features various recipes using chocolate in different forms, from brownies and slices to biscuits and mini treats. The cookbook showcases the versatility of chocolate and offers a range of delicious options for chocolate lovers.

How Chocolate is Made

Gregory Owen

How Chocolate is Made by Gregory Owen is a PDF that explains the journey of chocolate from bean to bar. It provides insights into the processes involved in chocolate production, including fermentation, drying, roasting, winnowing, grinding, and melanging.

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