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Indian gastronomy is a fusion of traditions and food influences from different regions of the Asian continent. Thanks to its wide cultural, ethnic, religious and natural variety, India offers a universe of flavors in the kitchen. Do you want to surprise everyone at the table? Check out our Indian cookbooks in PDF format.

The origin of Indian cuisine goes back at least 8 millennia, when the different cultures that lived on the Asian continent merged with each other. Westerners are also present in Indian cuisine, thanks to the various ingredients and flavors brought to the country by the British and Portuguese through trade.

Did you know that Indian cuisine has contributed significantly to the history of international relations in Europe and Asia? The spice trade was the main promoter of Indian cuisine throughout the world, especially in the Middle East, United Kingdom, North America, East Africa and Southeast Asia.

Although vegetable oil is the most popular ingredient for cooking in India, peanut, mustard and coconut oils are also options in many regions. As for meats, lamb and chicken are the most commonly used, while each cook has his own blend of spices that make his dishes unique.

If you want to know much more about the traditional food of this country, be sure to take a look at our section of more than 15 Indian cookbooks in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Indian Cookbooks:

Reginal Indian Cusinie - Andhra Pradesh

IHM Notes

Dietary guidelines for indians

National Institute Of Nutrition

Food production


Central and South Indian Cuisine (Presentation)

Stanford Health Care

The essential indian Vegetarian instant pot cookbook

Archana Mundhe

Traditional foods of india

T. Krishnakumar

Indian cooking

Uttarakhand Open University

Pregnant diet chart for women in south india (Article)

Ministry of Women and Child Development

Indian Food and Cuisine- a historical survey (Article)

Rekha Pande

Food diplomacy (Article)

Consulate General of India

Indian Food Culture


Mouth-Watering Traditional Cuisines of India: A Study of Cultural Geography (Article)

Areful Hoque and Mohammad Taufique

India ecookbook

Sheetal Rastogi, Neh Satsangi & Tulika Singh

Assessment of Indian cooking practices and cookwares on nutritional security - A review

Sarthak Saxena, Sonia Saini, Mrinal Samtiya and Sunita Aggarwal

Amalgamation of Culture and Cuisines: Indian Culinary Culture (Article)

Anishika Kapoor

Best of Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Manjula Jain

Exploring Indian Culture through Food (Article)

Tulasi Srinivas

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