25+ Agriculture Books for Free! [PDF]

In order to continue facilitating access to interesting and useful information, we have created a new list of free books, this time about Agriculture.

As part of the process of creating our list, we took the task of choosing books in PDF format to facilitate access to them.

Agriculture is defined as the art of cultivating, favoring and making the land productive. Agriculture is considered an essential and indispensable economic activity at a general level.

The beginnings of agriculture date back to the Neolithic period, when human societies evolved from gathering, fishing and hunting to animal husbandry and agriculture. The first plants to be cultivated were barley and wheat.

Its origins are estimated in prehistoric times and its development was due to the independent practice of various cultures, such as those of the Fertile Crescent (area from Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt), the Chinese cultures in East Asia, and the pre-Columbian cultures of Central America, among others.

There was a gradual transition from the economy of gathering agricultural products and hunting. The reasons for the evolution of agriculture could have been climatic changes towards more temperate temperatures, the scarcity of game or gathering products, or the desertification of many regions.

We have compiled more than 25 books on Agriculture in PDF format so that you can learn everything you want to know about this activity. From our list we have included books in Spanish and Portuguese.

All the texts were given for free publication or are in the public domain.

Basic Agriculture Books

Basic Agriculture. Student Handbook

Shiksha Kendra

Farmer’s Handbook on Basic Agriculture

Chandra Shekara, Ajit Kumar, N. Balasubramani, Bakul C. Chaudhary, Rajeev Sharma, Max Baumann and Chitra Shukla

Training of Farmers Programme South Asia

Food and Agriculture Organization

Crop Production Manual

Sayed Mohammad Naim Khalid

Northeast Beginning Farmer's Field Journal


Your Guide to FSA Farm Loans

Farm Service Agency

Hydroponic Green Fodder Production

Rachel Jemimah, P. Tensingh Gnanaraj, T. Muthuramalingam and T. Devi

Farm management Guide

Sayed Mohammad Naim Khalid and Shukrullah Sherzad

Understanding Farming. Facts and figures about German farming

Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

Guide of Best Farming Practices


A Beginner's Guide to Small-Scale Tropical Agriculture

Dr. Franklin W. Martin

Seed Germination and Sowing Options

Tara Luna, Kim M. Wilkinson and R. Kasten Dumroese

An Introduction to Agriculture and Agronomy

Various authors

Organic Agriculture Books

Organic agriculture is also known as ecological or biological agriculture, and consists of a cultivation methodology that does not use chemical products and optimizes the use of natural resources.   

If you want to learn about this autonomous system in which meticulous care is applied to the environment, you can consult the texts that we offer about it. 

With the Organic Agriculture books you will have the opportunity to know the necessary details to put this mechanism into practice, and obtain completely organic products. 

Teaching Organic Farming & Gardening

Martha Brown, Jan Perez and Albie Miles

Training manual for organic agriculture

Nadia Scialabba, Ilka Gomez and Lisa Thivant

National Organic Farming Handbook


Organic Food and Farming

Ifoam EU Group

What is Organic Farming?


Organic Farming as A Development Strategy: Who are Interested and Who are not?

Mette Vaarst

Sustainable Agriculture Books

Sustainable agriculture is agriculture that manages to meet society’s food and textile needs without compromising resources or the ability of present or future generations to meet their needs. 

It is a type of agriculture that seeks to make the most of what nature provides us, without harming it. The idea is to maintain and conserve all current resources, so that agriculture can be sustained for many years to come.

Each concept, methodology and practical advice can be found in the Sustainable Agriculture books that we offer in this section.

Sustainable Agriculture

Fritz J. Häni, László Pintér and Hans R. Herren

Building Resilience for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Agriculture Sector

Alexandre Meybeck, Jussi Lankoski, Suzanne Redfern, Nadine Azzu and Vincent Gitz

Agroecology, Best Practices

Agrisud International

Approaches to Sustainable Agriculture

Barbara Pia Oberc and Alberto Arroyo Schnell

Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture

V. Praveen Rao, R. Veeraraghavaiah, S. Hemalatha and B. Joseph

Sustainable Agriculture

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Sustainable Agriculture


The 10 Elements of Agroecology

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Sustainable and Climate Resilient Agriculture

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Here ends our selection of free Agriculture books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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