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We present to you our collection of advertising books in PDF format, full of valuable content for your studies and research. Advertising is one of the most influential forms of communication and persuasion in our daily lives and we understand your interest in researching it.

With our compendium of books on advertising, you will be able to delve into the different types that exist, in this case, subliminal advertising, digital advertising and false advertising.

Thus, advertising is that type of persuasive communication that seeks to promote a product or service. It uses various techniques such as validating itself through testimonials, appealing to the emotions of the target audience and using dramatization of situations related to the product or service being promoted. All with the objective of achieving the final step: sales.

Throughout time, advertising has played a great role in the positioning of all kinds of companies and brands. Since the first advertisement, commerce has been invigorated and creativity in product promotion has grown and evolved over the last century.

Advertising communication has been so powerful that many of the messages it has provided have penetrated deeply into the collective psyche, to the point of marking trends and cultural traditions assumed by the public as part of their identity.

Another case where the power of advertising makes itself felt is in the political arena, as many leaders in history have used advertising techniques to influence the masses and rise to power, both for better and for worse. This is due to the persuasive nature of the advertising message, which is tried to be replicated as a model in other areas.

Discover more about the power of advertising, with this selection of over 15 advertising books in PDF format, all available for free and immediate download.

Advertising Books

Introduction Advertising

University of Mumbai

Introduction an Advertising

Bharathidasan University

Classification of Advertising

Sacred Heart College Thevara

The Advertising Creative Process

Access Manager

Advertising Creativity Campaign Planning and Execution


Importance of Creativity in Advertising Industry

Alena Chrenkova,Maria Rostasova,Petra Kunertova

The Role of Advertising in Promoting a Product

Svetlana Frolova

Advertising Learning and Consumer Choice in Experience Good Markets A Structural Empirical Examination

Daniel A Ackerberg

Television II Television Commercials

California State University

Digital Advertising Books

Advertising is a branch of marketing, which is responsible for promoting a brand or a specific product, in order to increase sales or attract new potential buyers.

In our times, the advancement of technology and marketing has boosted all means of promotion, so the digital world is currently widely used, in that sense digital advertising has gained ground and is practically indispensable for companies to stay in the market.

One of the advantages of digital advertising is that you can reach thousands of potential customers by making good use of social networks, plus its cost is lower and much more accessible than print advertising.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Yogesh K Dwivedi,Kawaljeet Kaur Kapoor,Hsin Chen

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide Intermediate Level

Business Gateway

The Impact of Digital Trends on Marketing

Daliborka Blazheska, Natasha Ristovska, Sashko Gramatnikovsk

Social Media Advertising Marketing A Study of Awareness Attitude and Responsiveness by Nigerian Youths

Otugo Nkiru Esther, Uzuegbunam Chikezie Emmanuel, Obikeze Chinedu Okey

Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Strategies on Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya

Caroline Nganga Muthoni

Digital Marketing for Beginners (Presentation)


Subliminal Advertising Books

Subliminal advertising is something widely used by many companies to convey a message to their customers, the main use that is given is marketing, with the idea that the consumer purchases the service or product offered, as well as to build loyalty.

What is subliminal advertising? It is any audiovisual message that is emitted below the threshold of conscious perception and that incites the consumption of the product; that is to say, it is the message that your mind does not capture when you see or hear it, but your subconscious does.

These messages are usually placed in images and audios, and have been used by large companies such as Disney and Coca-Cola, to give an example. You can spend some time in the Google search engine looking for subliminal images, I assure you that you will not catch many of them.

Effectiveness of Subliminal Messages and Their Influence on Peoples Choices

Rania Karam, Mohamad Abou Haidar, Abbas Khawaja

Subliminal Messages in Advertising: Do They Really Work?

Senka Borovac Zekan, Ivone Zekan

Does Subliminal Advertisement Affect Consumer Behavior An Exploratory Comparative Analysis Between Marketing and Non Marketing Professionals

Soomro Yasir Ali

Implement Purchase Choice Into the Customer

Rosanne Weber,P M A Tenbult

Psychology of Brand Creation and Management Subliminal Advertising (Article)

Malika Singh,Ruchika Nayyar

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