15+ Astrology Books for Free! [PDF]

The study of the celestial bodies has been carried out in the world for thousands of years. However, today only the scientific character of the mathematical study and the laws that govern the celestial bodies is recognized, excluding the interpretations that can be made about their behavior and influence on people. We have put together a collection of astrology books in PDF format, so that nothing will stop you from investigating what today is considered a pseudoscience by the scientific community.

With our books on astrology you will be able to explore the magic of the universe and the influence it exerts on our planet, societies and individuals. Astrology was not always on the list of the relegated, in the past it was considered a science that allowed civilizations to orient themselves in the world and predict important events. Astronomy was a branch of astrology and was limited only to the mathematical study and the laws governing celestial movements.

Both were separated from the Enlightenment period and the division of the sciences, leaving astrology for matters of superstition and esotericism. Today astrology is the study of planetary movements and the influence they exert on the events of the world and all the people who inhabit it. It encompasses the study of horoscopes, including the birth chart, which is defined as an astrological photograph of a person at the time of its birth.

This discipline explains many of the traits of our personality, but without resorting to psychology itself, but speaks of the energetic vibrations emanating from the planets that make us be and behave in certain ways. It also uses mathematical calculations to determine not only these elements but also events that can be predicted throughout the world.

Learn more about astrological phenomena by taking a look at our collection of more than 15 books on astrology in PDF format. You can access them all right now and download them to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Astrology books:

1) Astrology, its Technics and Ethics

C. AQ. Libra

2) You and Your Birth Chart: What Astrology Says About You, Your Life and Where It’s Going

James Lynn Page

3) Notes On The Signs Of The Zodiac The Elements, Triplicities, Quadruplicities, The planets – their aspects and Decanates With reference to the Sayana or Tropical System

Jyotisha Bharati and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

4) Astrological Birthday Book

Leo Bernart

5) Typesetting Astrology with Horoscop

Matthew Skala

6) The Complete Book of Scorpio

Tali & Ophira Edut

7) The Mathematics of Astrology. Does House Division Make Sense?

Kevin Heng Ser Guan

8) An introduction to Mithra's Esoteric Astrology

Masato Tojo

9) Western Astrology

Dr. Anil Kumar Porwal

10) Introducing Astrology

Carole Taylor

11) Astrology (Presentation)

Stony Brook Astronomy

12) Astrological Natal Chart

Doris Chase Doane

13) The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

Subba Rao

14) An Introduction to Astrology

Duane Eaks, Susan Jarrett and Nikki Worth

15) The Zodiac, The Circle of Life (Article)

Beatrice Public Schools

16) Zodiac Signs & Character Traits Worksheets (Article)

Sara Letourneau

17) Zodiac Signs (Article)

Parkway Schools

18) Mastering the Zodiac (Article)

Mastering the Zodiac

19) A Question of Fire: The Elements and Signs in Astrology (Article)

Pat Geisler

20) 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs (Article)

Creative Arts Guild

Here ends our selection of free Astrology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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