5 Magic Books for Free! [PDF]

Discover the fascinating world of magic with our collection of free magic books in PDF.

Magic has captivated the human imagination since time immemorial, serving as a bridge between the known and the mysterious.

Our selection covers everything from ceremonial magic to spellcasting, including the history of magic and its contemporary applications.

These texts offer both beginners and advanced practitioners a rich source of knowledge about rituals, symbolism, and the philosophy behind the magical arts.

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Books and texts about Magic in PDF

The Materiality of Magic

Dietrich Boschung, Jan N. Bremmer

The Materiality of Magic by Dietrich Boschung and Jan N. Bremmer is a book that explores the often overlooked aspect of the material used in magical practices. It examines various objects such as amulets, figurines, and grimoires, shedding light on their significance and the expertise required to manipulate them.

Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie Part II: The Ritual of Transcendental Magic

Eliphas Levi

Dogma and Ritual of High Magic. Part II: The Ritual of Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi is a book that explores magic and mystical rituals. Written in 1896, the author provides a detailed perspective on high magic and its practices.

The History of Magic

Eliphas Levi

The History of Magic by Éliphas Lévi is a comprehensive exploration of magic, its procedures, rituals, and mysteries. It provides a valuable historical account and philosophical survey of the subject.

Modern Magic: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Conjuring

Professor Hoffmann

Modern Magic: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Conjuring by Professor Hoffmann is a comprehensive guide to the art of magic and conjuring. It provides insights into various techniques, tricks, and principles of sleight-of-hand, as well as explanations of specialties performed by renowned magicians.

Egyptian Magic

E. A. Wallis Budge

The Egyptian Magic by author E. A. Wallis Budge explores the ancient belief in magic in Egypt, highlighting its influence on Egyptian religion and the use of magical names, amulets, formulas, and ceremonies to achieve supernatural results.

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