5 Prophecy Books for Free! [PDF]

Explore the enigmatic world of prophecies with our collection of free PDF prophecy books.

Prophecies have fascinated humanity for centuries, offering visions of the future ranging from apocalyptic predictions to promises of renewal and hope.

Our digital library covers a broad spectrum of texts, from the prophecies of Nostradamus to biblical revelations and predictions from cultures around the world.

These books invite reflection on human destiny, the cycle of history, and the possibility of influencing our collective and individual future.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious waters of the future by downloading your prophecy books in PDF format now.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that tomorrow can bring.

Books and texts of Prophecies in PDF

On Prophecy, Dreams and Human Imagination

Donald A. Russell, Ursula Bittrich, Börje Bydén

On Prophecy, Dreams and Human Imagination by Donald A. Russell, Ursula Bittrich, Börje Bydén is a collection of essays and translations exploring Synesius' essay "De insomniis" which examines the connection between dreams, prophecy, and the human imagination. It provides insights into ancient Greek philosophical and religious perspectives on these topics.

Revelation and Bible Prophecy

Ed Knorr

Revelation and Bible Prophecy by Ed Knorr is a comprehensive comparison of the eschatological views of Dispensationalism and Preterism. It explores topics such as heaven, hell, Christ's Second Coming, the Rapture, and the book of Revelation. The author presents arguments for both views, but favors the dispensationalist perspective.

Daniel and Bible Prophecy

Ed Knorr

Daniel and Bible Prophecy by Ed Knorr, PhD, is a study on the book of Daniel and its relevance to biblical prophecy. It provides an outline of the chapters in Daniel, discusses key events, and explores the prophetic elements within the book.

The Prophecies


The Prophecies by Nostradamus is a collection of prophecies written in the form of quatrains. It covers predictions from the present to the year 3797, revealing future events through astronomical and divine inspiration.

Ancient Prophecy: Near Eastern, Biblical, and Greek Perspectives

Martti Nissinen

The Ancient Prophecy: Near Eastern, Biblical, and Greek Perspectives by Martti Nissinen is an academic book that explores the concept of prophecy in different ancient cultures, including the Near East, the Bible, and Greece. It discusses the theoretical foundations, analyzes various sources, and provides comparative essays on important topics related to prophecy.

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