10+ Reincarnation Books for Free! [PDF]

Beliefs about what happens after death are not supported by scientifically verifiable facts. Death remains the great mystery of mankind about which there is much to research and you can do so with our selection of books on reincarnation in PDF format, available free to you.

Although there are no conclusive, let alone definitive results, serious studies continue to be done on what happens after physical death. Many testimonies of people in comas or who have died for a short time and have revived, claim to have had a conscious experience after death.

One of the most widespread hypotheses on this subject is that, once physically dead, we have the possibility of coming back to life again, through a different physical body and in another future time. This is called reincarnation. Some religions affirm that we are eternal beings, a consciousness that never dies, but that in order to evolve we need to come into the world to learn lessons (karma).

Each life is an opportunity to purify the spirit and be closer to living forever in the eternal light. Although this idea varies from one religion or philosophy to another, they all have a similar concept. Such is the case of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.

As we can see, it is a very ancient belief, but not only in the East. In the West, the great Greek philosophers, such as Plato, believed that our passage through several lives on earth was a kind of punishment that we had to go through before having the privilege of living in the heavenly kingdom.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Then download right now this collection of more than 10 books on reincarnation in PDF format, each of which you can enjoy without investing a single cent, they are completely free.

Here we present our complete selection of Reincarnation books:

Does the Bible Teach Reincarnation and Karma

Robert G Katsunoff

Reincarnation and the Bible

Kevin Williams

The Benefits of Past Life Regression and Reincarnation

Taylor Russo

An Examination of the Concept of Reincarnation in African

Hasskei Mohammed Majeed,Prof M B Ramose


Morasha Syllabus

Ian Stevenson and Cases of the Reincarnation Type (Article)

Jim B Tucker

How We Remember Our Past Lives and Other Essays on Reincarnation

C Jinarajadasa

Reincarnation and Christianity (Article)

Geoffrey Hodson

Western Peoples Perspective of Reincarnation in Christina Skyes Bride of the Mist

Monik Pusponingrum

Reincarnation a Law of Nature

Subhendu Das

Popular psychology, belief in life after death and reincarnation in the Nordic countries Western and Eastern Europe (Article)

Erlendur Haraldsson

The Similarity of Features of Reincarnation Type Cases over Many Years A Third Study (Article)

Ian Stevenson,Erlendur Haraldsson

Here ends our selection of free Reincarnation books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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