5 Shamanism Books for Free! [PDF]

Immerse yourself in the ancient world of shamanism with our collection of free shamanism books in PDF.

Shamanism, one of humanity’s oldest spiritual practices, is based on the deep connection between human beings and nature, seeking healing and balance through this relationship.

Our digital library includes everything from basic introductions to profound texts on rituals, healing techniques, spiritual journeys, and the use of medicinal plants, offering a comprehensive overview of this rich spiritual tradition.

These books are an invaluable resource for those wishing to explore shamanic practices, understand their foundations, and learn how to apply their teachings in everyday life.

Download your free PDF shamanism books and immerse yourself in the ancestral knowledge that shamanism has to offer.

Embark now on your path of spiritual discovery and healing.

Books and Texts of Shamanism in PDF

Maya Shamanism Today

Bruce Love

Maya Shamanism Today by Bruce Love is a book that explores contemporary Maya shamanism in rural Yucatan. It provides insights into the practices of traditional shamans and their role as intermediaries between their communities and the spirit world.

Horizons of Shamanism

Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer, Jan N. Bremmer and Carlo Ginzburg

Horizons of Shamanism by Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer, Jan N. Bremmer, and Carlo Ginzburg is a book that explores the history and anthropology of ecstatic techniques in shamanism. It provides a triangular approach, combining historical and anthropological perspectives, to understand the phenomenon of shamanism and its practices.

The Foundations of Shamanism and Witchcraft

Manvir Singh

The Foundations of Shamanism and Witchcraft by Manvir Singh is a doctoral dissertation that explores the cross-cultural patterns and theories surrounding shamanism and beliefs in mystical harm. It examines the role of shamanism in small-scale societies, proposes a cultural evolutionary theory of shamanism, and discusses the development of beliefs in mystical harm.

The cultural evolution of shamanism

Manvir Singh

The cultural evolution of shamanism by Manvir Singh is an article that proposes a cultural evolutionary theory to explain the development and characteristics of shamanism across different societies. It explores why shamanic traditions exhibit recurrent features, professionalize early, and how social conditions influence the existence of shamanism. The article emphasizes the role of cultural evolution in adapting shamanism to innate psychological tendencies.


International Society for Academic Research on Shamanism

Shaman by International Society for Academic Research on Shamanism is an international journal for shamanistic research. It covers various articles on the study of shamanism, including topics such as trance, ecstasy, shamanic recitations, myths, and tales. The journal also includes review articles on shamanism and its cultural and anthropological aspects, as well as book reviews.

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