15+ Numerology‌ Books for Free! [PDF]

The relationship between numbers and human beings has existed since forever. Numbers define us in many ways and bring meaning to countless aspects of our lives, which cannot be conceived without numerical notions. These revolve around science, but also other less tangible resources and methods, but which are of utmost importance for existence. In this sense, we have prepared a compendium of numerology books in PDF format, since we consider it relevant and of general interest.

Books on numerology can provide us with very valuable information about this discipline, which already in Ancient Greece had its first formal advances in the Western world. Pythagoras is considered one of the first to make important contributions in numerology when he proposed his theory on the harmony of the spheres, where he affirmed that the Universe was governed by harmonious numerical proportions.

Numerology is a divinatory art based on scientific data, beliefs, traditions and empirical knowledge that is responsible for determining the relationships between numbers and human beings, as well as between the material and spiritual world. At first it was considered a science, but now it has become an esoteric practice like many others.

This practice seeks to investigate the relationships that a person has with the numbers. These enclose a symbology and, in addition, some characteristics therefore refer to some particular information. For example, the date of birth is a series of numbers that numerology simplifies into one, that number determines certain personality traits and characteristics.

Learn everything you need to know about this esoteric art increasingly popular among non-scientific practices. Consult our selection of more than 15 books on numerology in PDF format in this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Numerology books:

The Kabala of Numbers


Hebrew Numerology and the Bible


The Pythagoreans: Number and Numerology

Andrew Gregory


Florentin Smarandache

Chinese Numerology - Infinite Prosperity with Chinese Numerology

Lada Ray

Numerology and Arithmology in Pythagorean Philosophy and the Yijing

Juan Valdez

Introduction to ABJAD

R. Mackay

Numerology Reading

Michelle Buchanan

Abjad: the Numerological Language of Spiritual Insight and Guidance as Employed in Sufism

Robert Abdul Hayy Darr

Numerology of the Birthdate (Article)

Johan Oldenkamp and Gary The Numbers Guy

Numerology Series (Article)

Mystic Solutions

Egyptian Numerology: the Pythagorean Triangle and Its Esoteric Meaning (Article)

Antonietta Francini

Numerology (Article)

Zodi Habit Magazine

Teach Yourself Numerology (Article)


How to calculate Your Chaldean Numerology

Jo Muir

About Numerology (Article)

J. C. Chaudhry

Here ends our selection of free Numerology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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