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Discover the fascinating world of telepathy with our collection of free telepathy books in PDF.

Telepathy, or the transmission of thoughts and feelings between individuals without the use of the conventional five senses, is a field of study that sparks curiosity and debate.

Our collection explores everything from the theoretical foundations of telepathy to practices and exercises for developing telepathic abilities, offering a comprehensive insight into this intriguing phenomenon.

These books are an invaluable source for those interested in expanding their understanding of non-verbal communication, mental connection, and psychic capabilities.

Download your telepathy books in PDF for free and start exploring the limits of the human mind.

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Books and texts of Telepathy in PDF:

Mind reading mastery

Abu Rayhan

Mind Reading Mastery: Unlocking the Most Successful Techniques of Thought Reading - Master the Power of Telepathy, Psychic Abilities, and Beyond by Abu Rayhan is a comprehensive guide that explores the fascinating world of mind reading, including telepathy and psychic abilities. It delves into the science behind mind reading, techniques for accessing thoughts, developing mental clarity and focus, and strengthening telepathic communication.

Mind-Reading and Telepathy for Beginners and Intermediates

Merrill, Nick

Mind-Reading and Telepathy for Beginners and Intermediates: What People Think Machines Can Know About the Mind, and Why Their Beliefs Matter by Nicholas Julius Merrill explores people’s beliefs regarding what machines can understand about the mind, and the impact of these beliefs on social behavior and technical practices. It delves into the interpretation of biosignals, such as heartrate, and their connection to mind-related meanings and social decision-making.

10 Tools for Telepathic Communication with Animals

Nancy Windheart

10 Tools for Telepathic Communication with Animals by Nancy Windheart is a guidebook that explores the world of telepathic animal communication. It emphasizes that telepathic communication is a natural ability that can be rediscovered and developed by anyone. The author provides tools and techniques to awaken and nurture this innate skill, fostering deeper connections and understanding with animals.

Telepathy, Genuine and Fraudulent

W. W. Baggally

Telepathy, Genuine and Fraudulent by W. W. Baggally is a book that explores the phenomenon of telepathy. It provides an examination of both genuine and fraudulent instances of telepathic experiences, discussing experimental and spontaneous telepathy, as well as telepathy between human beings and animals. The book was first published in 1917 and offers insights into the scientific investigation of telepathy.

Is Telepathy Allowed or Is Controled?

Viviana Siddhi

Is Telepathy Allowed or Is Controlled? by Viviana Siddhi discusses the existence and potential control of telepathy. The author explores the history of telepathy, its connection to mind control, and the impact it can have on individuals. The document highlights the importance of pure intentions and the potential for destructive consequences when telepathy is misused.

Practical Mind-Reading

William Walker Atkinson

Practical Mind-Reading by William Walker Atkinson is a course of lessons on thought-transference, telepathy, mental currents, and mental rapport. It provides practical instruction, exercises, and directions for anyone interested in understanding and mastering the concepts of telepathy.

Telepathy. Its Theory, Facts and Proof

William Walker Atkinson

Telepathy: Its Theory, Facts and Proof by William Walker Atkinson is a comprehensive exploration of telepathy, its origins, experimental evidence, and theories. It delves into the history of thought-transference and its prevalence in ancient cultures, as well as the scientific investigations conducted by the Society for Psychical Research. The book examines the term "telepathy" and its association with mind-to-mind communication at a distance, providing valuable insights into the phenomenon.

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