7 Regressions Books for Free! [PDF]

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of regressions with our collection of free PDF books on regressions.

Regressions, a technique that aims to access memories of past lives or forgotten early experiences, offer a unique window into our subconscious.

This practice, which lies at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, promises not only revelations about our past but also profound understandings that can influence our present and future.

Our books cover everything from the theoretical foundations of regressions to practical guides for conducting them, providing a powerful tool for self-exploration and healing.

Download your free PDF regression books now and start delving into the depths of your being.

Begin your journey toward self-awareness and personal transformation.

Books and Texts of Regressions in PDF

The International Journal of Regression Therapy

The International Journal of Regression Therapy

The International Journal of Regression Therapy by Various Authors is a professional publication that serves as an open forum for sharing and discussing information, ideas, and theories in the regression field. It includes articles, case studies, and blog posts related to regression therapy. The journal aims to advance the regression discipline and provide valuable insights for practitioners and researchers.

Past life regression

The Center of Success

Past Life Regression by The Center of Success is a guide to achieving deep relaxation and accessing past life memories through regression. It emphasizes relaxation techniques and encourages the reader to tap into their subconscious mind to retrieve memories from previous lifetimes.

A search for the truth of past life regression

Dr. James Paul Pandarakalam

A search for the truth of past life regression by Dr. James Paul Pandarakalam explores the theory of reincarnation and the practice of past life regression. It discusses the evidence, controversies, and potential benefits and risks associated with past life regression therapy.

The Therapeutic Impact of Regression

Dr. Joseph H. Berke

The Therapeutic Impact of Regression by Dr. Joseph H. Berke is a paper that explores the concept of regression in therapy and its potential positive therapeutic effects. The author discusses different views of regression and presents clinical examples to highlight its healing potential. The paper challenges the perception of regression as a threat and suggests that it can be an opportunity for releasing healing potential.

Is past life regression therapy ethical?

Gabriel Andrade

Is past life regression therapy ethical? by Gabriel Andrade. This article discusses the ethical implications of past life regression therapy. The author argues that this therapy is unethical due to its lack of evidence-based support and the potential harm it can cause by implanting false memories in patients.

Past Life Regression/Therapy Script

Susa Morgan Black

Past Life Regression/Therapy Script by Susa Morgan Black provides a script for past life regression therapy, a gentle and healing technique that takes individuals on a hypnotic journey to explore their past lives and the space between lifetimes. It aims to help individuals gain a broader understanding of themselves and potentially uncover the source of their issues in the current lifetime.

Why Me?


Why Me? by Venu Murthy is a book that delves into the idea of past lives and their potential influence on chronic problems. Through real-life stories and insights, the author explores the concept of past life regression and its role in understanding and resolving personal challenges.

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