15+ Dream Books for Free! [PDF]

We present an interesting selection of dream books in PDF format for you to investigate their meaning. Since ancient times, philosophers and scientists have tried to determine the origin, function and meaning of dreams in our lives. For most people they are a source of great mystery and curiosity, some think they reveal hidden feelings or represent a metaphor for what we are experiencing.

This collection of dream books will help you to understand much more deeply this enigma of all times. In fact, there is a wide field of research in this area in psychology, neuroscience, esoteric arts and spirituality.

We cannot deny that dreams sometimes completely capture our attention once we are awake. This is because they create a positive or negative emotional impact. This relevance was addressed in psychoanalysis by Freud and Carl Gustav Jung, who stated that dreams are a manifestation of our unconscious that we should pay attention to.

Dreaming would allow us to unburden or get out of inner situations that in wakefulness we do not know how to manage well or that are beyond us. However, from a purely scientific point of view, it has been suggested that they function as a way of discarding information and storing that which is important.

For Freud, dreams were repressed desires that manifested themselves in a distorted form, using real people and situations, often in an absurd context. After all, it is not about reality, but a representation of it, so everything that appears in the dream symbolizes something of our life.

Find out what dream activity means in human beings and learn about this broad subject of study with our more than 15 dream books in PDF format. Download as many as you want in this section for free.

Here we present our complete selection of Dreams books:

The Interpretation of Dreams

Sigmund Freud

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted

Gustavus Hindman Miller

How to Interpret your Dreams

Luna Holistic Training Courses

Unlocking Your Dreams Course & Manual

Unlocking Your Dreams

Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation

Christ Community Church

The Conscious Living Programme


Interpreting Dreams

Embracing HIS Call

Supernal Dreaming: On Myth and Metaphysics

Lee Irwin

Unlocking the Misteries of Dreams

Grace A. Tuls

Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation

Mark & Patti Virkler

The Interpretation of Dreams in Ancient China

Roberto Keh Ong

A theological, ancient Hellenistic, and psycho-logical look at the dreams of Pharaoh’s chief cup-bearer and chief baker (Genesis 40: 5-13, 16-18)

Yong Lu

The Secret of Dreams

Yacki Raizizun

When Dreaming Is Believing: The (Motivated) Interpretation of Dreams

Carey K. Morewedge, Michael I. Norton

Numbers: a dream or reality? A return to objects in number learnin (Article)

Bruce J. L. Brown

Dreams Bring Lucidity to Our Thinking (Article)

Inga Richter

Common Dream Symbols (Article)

Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest

Here ends our selection of free Dreams books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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