15+ Mental Power Books for Free! [PDF]

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People are integral beings, we do not function only under the physical dimension, but we are constituted by a mental and a spiritual one too. To address one of these areas we have created a collection of mental power books in PDF format, so you can learn the basic principles of this wonderful ability that we can all develop.

Commonly, we have heard that the mind has power over us and many prove it day by day in their daily experiences. Mental activity accompanies us all the time and it is logical that it has influence over our behavior and you can study it in these books of mental power.

In the mind dwells the thought and the potential of the brain is very high. Science has determined that human beings do not use even 10% of our brain capacity, therefore, much can be achieved with a good mental training.

On the other hand, what in psychology is known as consciousness is only 4% of our mind, since the unconscious would include everything else. Being able to expand this conscious percentage is what people who wish to increase their mental power are looking for.

Likewise, the mind can be a bridge to develop faculties that go beyond the sensory, such as telepathy or precognition. In any case, mental power can also be increased by exercising the brain in different ways. Some very effective ones could be to increase the challenges of life, live new experiences, practice meditation and other activities in which the mind can be accessed in a different way than we are used to.

Learn how to increase your mental power with these more than 15 mental power books in PDF format, which you can download right now from this section of our library.

Here we present our complete selection of Mental Power books:

Mind Power

William Walker Atkinson

Your Mind and How to Use It

William Walker Atkinson

The Power of your Subconscious Mind

Joseph Murphy

Welcome to Derren Brown mentalism Tricks

Derren Brown


Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


William Walker Atkinson

The 10 Mental Laws and the Power on Mind

Barbara Berger

Easy Mentalism

J P Jacquard

Synthetic Telepathy and teh Early Mind Wars

Richard Alan Miller

Human and Non-Human Telepathic Collaborations from Fluxus to Now

Jacquelene Drinkall

Healing Through the Mind


Mind-Reading and Telepathy for Beginners and Intermediates: What People Think Machines Can Know About the Mind, and Why Their Beliefs Matter

Nicholas Julius Merrill

The Art of Mentalism

Daniel Smith

Mind control: The secret weapon utilised by religious cults to control their followers

Stephan Pretorius

Telepathic Law

Larry Alexander

A Neurologist's Notebook the Mind's Eye-What the blind see

Oliver Sacks

10 Tools for Telepathic Communication with Animals

Nancy Windheart

Intuition, Telepathy, and Interspecies Communication: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Article)

Deborah L. Erickson

An Introduction to the Power of the Mind (Article)

Several Authors

5 Powerful Exercises To Increase Your Mental Strength (Article)

Remind Support Groups

Here ends our selection of free Mental Power books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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