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Enneagrams are typology systems that allow for the description of human personality through various interconnected personality types. 

If you wish to learn more about enneagrams and what makes them such a useful tool, don’t hesitate to take a look at our collection of free enneagram books.

Although it is a popular tool in the business and spirituality realms, research on its applications is limited, and it is not a system recognized by evidence-based psychology.

In practical terms, an enneagram is simply a diagram of nine points, with each point representing a personality type. In its simplest presentation, the enneagram includes nine different personality types and 27 subtypes, along with three key points centered around feeling, thinking, and action.

If you want to find more information about enneagrams and how they can transform your self-perception, make sure to explore our section with over 20 materials, including free enneagram books and articles in PDF format.

Enneagram books

A Neuroscientific View on the Enneagram of Personality

Saleh Vallander MD

An Introduction to the Enneagram

Mark McGuinness

The Enneagram (Any-a-gram)

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

The Enneagram - G. I. Gurdjieff’s Esoteric Symbol

Carole M. Cusack

A brief introduction to the Enneagram

Integrative 9

Understanding the Enneagram

Michael Shahan

Introduction to the 9 Enneagram Types

Hilliard United Methodist Church

Psychodynamic Network Structure Of Enneagram Personality Types And Healthy Personality In Male University Students

Cristian Ramos-Vera and others

Articles that Talk about Personality Types

The Enneagram of Personality is a psychological model that describes nine basic personality types. Each type has its own characteristics in terms of traits, motivations, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Some of the types are the 1 perfectionist, the 2 helper, the 3 achiever, the 4 melancholic, the 5 intellectual, the 6 loyal, the 7 enthusiast, the 8 challenger, and the 9 peacemaker. Each type handles stress differently and brings unique talents to the world.

Understanding thepersonality types of the Enneagram can help in understanding oneself and others in a more compassionate way. It provides tools for cultivating personal virtues and improving relationships.

From Enneagram to Nine Types Temperament Model - A Proposal

Enver Demirel Yilmaz and Ali Gorkem Gencer

Personality Type and Work-related Outcomes - An exploratory application of the Enneagram model.

Anna Sutton, Chris Allinson and Helen Williams

The personality puzzle type for teens - guidebook

Sue Blair

Enneagram Love Relationships


Books that talk about Personal Development and Growth using the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful self-awareness tool that allows for personal development work. Identifying one’s own personality type helps understand behavior patterns, emotions, and motivations.

Knowing the strengths and areas for improvement of each type makes it easier to set goals for transformation and growth. The Enneagram teaches self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

By using it, one can enhance self-esteem, improve relationships, become more flexible, and reach a higher state of consciousness. Enjoy more information with the following free articles that talk about Personal Development and Growth using the Enneagram.

Enneagram and parenting as antecedent on achivement goals and self-regulated learning

Sze Wing Wong and Man-Tak Leung

The Enneagram and Communication Styles

Alexandria M. Francis

My Enneagram Workbook


The Enneagram - A Tool for Self-Reflection, Critical Appraisal and Introducing Spirituality in the Classroom

Laura E. Taylor

Enneagram typologies and healthy personality to psychosocial stress - A network approach

Cristian Ramos-Ver and others

Books on the Applications of the Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality has multiple practical applications beyond simple self-awareness.

In the workplace, it helps understand different leadership styles and teamwork. It enhances interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.

In couples and families, it promotes mutual understanding, active listening, and emotional support among members. Learn more with the following books and free articles on the Applications of the Enneagram.

Resonating Personality Types for Couples: An Enneagram Application for Predicting Marital Satisfaction

Douglas George Carpenter

Implementing the Enneagram for Team Building

Madilyn Scheessele

Guidelines for Introducing the Enneagram in the Workplace

Sudhir H. Kale and Samir Shrivastava

The Enneagram in Coaching

Sandy Hogan

Enneagram personality types (enneatypes) and marital satisfaction

Simon K. Ndirangu and others

Using the Enneagram to Facilitate Resolution of Supervisory Conflict

Erin Kern Popejoy, Kristi Perryman, Anthony Suarez

Power, personality, and leadership

Mario Sikora

Ethics: Using the Enneagram in Organizations. What the Experts Say

Ginger Lapid-Bogda

Articles that talk about Spirituality and the Enneagram

Although the Enneagram has become popular as a psychological tool, it originated primarily as a spiritual system that allows for understanding the path to enlightenment.

Each enneatype represents a particular perspective on life and a different relationship with the divine. The Enneagram helps identify one’s spiritual strengths as well as the shadows and ego wounds that distance us from our true selves.

It also offers practices such as prayer, service, or contemplation. You can find more information with the following free articles that talk about spirituality and the Enneagram.

Enneagram - A Tool For Self Awareness (Presentation)

Rabbi Simcha Zevit

The Enneagram and Spiritual Disciplines


Is the Enneagram Compatible with the Catholic Faith?

Connie Burianek

Enneagram spiritual formation plan

Fellowship Paragould

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