7 Runes Books for Free! [PDF]

Explore the ancient art of runes with our collection of free runes books in PDF.

Runes, a mystical alphabet used since ancient times, were not only used for writing but also for divination and magic.

This symbolic system, rooted in Norse and Germanic culture, offers a window into the esoteric beliefs and practices of our ancestors.

Our digital library covers everything from introductory guides to advanced texts on the interpretation and use of runes, both for spiritual self-exploration and personal development.

Embark on your journey to ancestral knowledge by downloading our collection of runes books in PDF.

Immerse yourself in the mystery and wisdom that these ancient marks have to offer.

Books and Runes materials in PDF

Futhark. International Journal of Runic Studies

James E. Knirk, Henrik Williams

Futhark. International Journal of Runic Studies by James E. Knirk and Henrik Williams is a compilation of selected articles from the Sixth International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions. It contains diverse research on runes and runic inscriptions, addressing topics such as the interpretation of inscriptions on runestones, the relationship between runes and the Romans, the literacy of the ancient Futhark, and the communicative use of runic inscriptions.

The Runic Script and its Characters in Old English and Middle English Texts

Monika Petrinec

The Runic Script and its Characters in Old English and Middle English Texts, written by Monika Petrinec, is a study that explores the use of runes in the development of Old English and Middle English. The author analyzes runic inscriptions on stone and wood, as well as their symbolic meaning and their relationship with Germanic mythology. Knowledge of runes is essential for understanding the Old English and Middle English periods.

The secrets of the runes

Sigtuna kommun

The secrets of the runes by Sigtuna kommun is a children's book that introduces the concept of runes, their history, and their significance in Swedish culture. It explores the use of runes in messages, spells, and rune stones, providing an engaging activity for kids and adults to learn about this ancient writing system.

Elder Futhark Norse Runes Guide


Elder Futhark Norse Runes Guide by Spiritlore is a concise guide for rune casting and reading, specifically focusing on the Elder Futhark Norse Runes. It provides rune meanings, casting methods, and rune charts for interpretation.

Raven’s Rune Chart

Northern Tradition Shamanism Guild

Raven's Rune Chart by the Northern Tradition Shamanism Guild is a concise guide to the meanings and symbolism of various runic alphabets. It provides information on the pronunciation, keywords, pictographs, deities, trees, stones, colors, stroke orders, medical affinities, and magical uses associated with each rune. The document emphasizes the oral tradition of rune knowledge and offers practical insights into wealth, strength, communication, travel, truth, gifts, joy, challenges, and more.

Reading Runes

Institutionen för nordiska språk, Uppsala Universitet

Reading Runes by the Department of Nordic Languages at Uppsala University is a collection of runological contributions presented at the Eighth International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions. It covers topics such as documentation, decipherment, and discovery of runic inscriptions, providing valuable insights into the study of runes.


The Tolkien Society

Runes by The Tolkien Society. It provides information about the use of runes in Tolkien's work, their historical origin in medieval Europe, and their meaning. It also explores famous examples of Christian runes and describes the futhorc alphabet.

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