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Do you need to learn a lucrative and essential trade for the public? Then, learn with our selection of barbering books. This is a profession with an interesting ancient origin, when barbers were not only responsible for beard aesthetics but also for performing surgeries and minor medical treatments. Did you know that?

In addition, with our collection of barbering books, you will find it interesting that this profession is much more comprehensive than male hairdressing. It not only includes beard care but also the haircuts that men need.

Barbering has its origins in the early Middle Ages. The role of the barber back then was that of a surgeon as well, as amputations, tooth extractions, wound treatments, and ear cleaning, among other procedures, were performed.

However, from the 15th century onwards, barbering separated from medicine, with tooth extractions being the only frequent practice.

Today, not all hairdressers are necessarily barbers, but barbers do practice hairdressing. That’s why barber shops are still the favorite place, especially for men, to take care of their facial and head appearance.

Don’t miss out on our selection of over 10 materials, including books and articles on barbering in PDF format, so you can learn all about this commendable profession that refuses to disappear.

Here we present our complete selection of Barbering books:

Barbering Techniques for Hairstylists

Arden Magtiza and Gary Franceshini

Create combined haircut structures - Create combined traditional and classic men’s haircut structures

MT Gravatt-Capalaba

History of barbershop

David Krause and David Wright

The Ultimate Guide To MEN’S HAIR

Real Men Real Style

Home Haircutting - Made Simple


Barbers Manual - A Treatise on the Art of Barbering

L. Howard Jones.

The art of shaving (Presentation)

Thomas Hazelton

Shaving guide - 9 profi tips on how to improve your shave instantly

Gora Klingen Manufaktur

Business Plan for a Barbershop and Hairdressing Salon in Lappeenranta

Phi Phung Le



Health and Safety in the Salon


History of barbershop (Article)

David Wright

Here ends our selection of free Barbering books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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