20+ Carpentry Books for Free! [PDF]

In Infobooks we continue to develop the list of trades, which is as useful as each one of them. In this opportunity, we present you our selection of the best carpentry books in PDF format that you can find on the Internet. Carpentry is a very old, honest and praiseworthy trade, with great utility in the modern world, especially in the construction sector, as well as in the decoration of homes and offices

In history, even in the Bible, there are important references to this trade. It is associated with the value of humility and honesty. However, what is truly relevant is that carpenters play a crucial role in building structures and are the ones who put wood to its best use. In our books on carpentry you can study their technique, tools and how they have evolved over time, integrating more materials

Carpentry is not only defined as the trade itself, but also as the work itself that is built and the place where it is created. There are, so far, three types of carpentry: assembly, woodwork and metalwork. The first one refers to the construction of structures, the second one to the fine work of wood and the last one to the work with metals. Although, depending on the region, it is called carpentry to all, the woodwork is associated more to the decoration and elaboration of fine furniture

Over the centuries, carpenters have had to adapt to working with different materials in order to survive. Today carpentry is not limited to wood only. However, it is the predominant material. Many house constructions have their skeleton built of wood, which requires great knowledge of the trade.
Check out our collection of over 20 carpentry books in PDF format, available for immediate download.

Here we present our complete selection of Carpentry books:

1) Carpentry

Army Publishing Directorate

2) Carpentry Training Manual


3) Woodwork Joints. How they are Set Out, How Made and Where Used.

William Fairham

4) Basic Woodworking

Valley Oaks Charter School

5) I can do that. Popular Woodworking Magazine

Popular Woodworking

6) Carpentry and Woodwork

S. N. Pophale, A. K. Goel

7) Wood work Practical Manual

Federal University Oye Ekiti

8) Fabricating Cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet making

9) The Art of Woodworking – Beginners Guide


10) 13 Wood Joinery Types

Just Wood It

11) Glossary of Wood and Woodworking Terms


12) How to Build a Simple Chair (Article)

Purdue University

13) Closet Dresser Section (Article)


14) Wood Joints (Article)


15) Woodworking for Beginners

Charles G. Wheeler

16) A Manual of Carpentry and Joinery

J. W. Riley

17) Carpentry for Beginners

John D. Adams

18) Carpentry and Woodwork

Edwin W. Foster

19) Carpentry and Joinery

Gilbert Townsend

20) Woodworking for Amateur Craftsmen

Ira S. Griffith

21) Design and Construction in Wood

William Noyes

Here ends our selection of free Carpentry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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