15+ Cutting and Sewing Books for Free! [PDF]

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To further expand the topics of fashion and design, we have compiled free material, that is, cutting and sewing books in PDF format, which we hope will be of great help to our community of readers and researchers.

The art of cutting and sewing is as old as the use of clothing for aesthetic purposes, not only to cover the body or protect it from the weather. With our cutting and sewing books in PDF format you will have the opportunity to learn techniques and theoretical aspects necessary to perform a trade related to tailoring or sewing.

Cutting and sewing are activities or trades related to the textile industry or the performance of a trade in the field of fashion. They are developed by tailors, seamstresses or dressmakers, but also by fashion designers starting their career.

It is the production or manufacture of garments, which have gone through a process of design, pattern creation, cutting and sewing of pieces to result in a garment.

In addition, it should be noted that when we talk about cutting and sewing, we are generally talking about tailor-made garments. This process is different in the textile industry, which produces the pieces in series. In this case, the garments are produced in different sizes and the public can only choose between them.

Fashion designers need the cutting and sewing developed by seamstresses, an activity that is delegated to them so that the designer can devote themself to the creation of sketches of the different garments that can be unique or designed for industrial manufacturing.

Consult our selection of more than 15 cutting and sewing books in PDF format and learn what you need to specialize in this laudable profession.

Here we present our complete selection of Cutting and Sewing books:

Usha tailoring course


Practical Sewing and Dressmaking

Sara May Allington

Learn to Design Your Own Clothes!

Judith Christensen


Department of Education Division of Bataan

On the logic of pattern cutting

Rickard lindqvist

Exploring the Relevance of Manual Pattern Cutting Skills in a Technological Environment

Catherine Pritchard

Commercial Garment Designing & Making

P. M. Geetha

Introduction to Sewing Machine

National Council of Education Research & Traning

The Make Den

The Make Den Sewing Studio

Sewing for beginners

UNH Extension

Sewing Tools and Sewing Machine Operations

National Council of Education Research & Traning

Rudiments of Dressmaking Technology for Adultlearners

Rosemary Ogochukwu Igbo, Thelma Chinenye Igbo

Basic Dressmaking Processes

ICS Canada

Sewing Equipment (Article)

Oregon State University

Sewing Glossary (Article)

University of Kentucky

Sewing Handbook for use in Extension Work

Blanche E. Hyde

Productivity Improvement of Cutting and Sewing Section by Implementation of Value Steam Method in a Garments Industry

Ummelewara Bristi, Al-Mamun

Here ends our selection of free Cutting and Sewing books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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