15+ Goldsmith Books for Free! [PDF]

Trades, in general, require art and mastery for their execution. On this occasion, we will talk about one that, particularly, can be placed among the plastic arts. We present to you our collection of goldsmithing books in PDF format, so you can learn the techniques and the origin of such an interesting craft.

Goldsmiths have existed since ancient times. In 4600 B.C. men and women were already using metals to build useful pieces. Thousands of objects made of different metals have been found in archaeological sites. If you want to be part of this tradition, you cannot miss our goldsmithing books in PDF format.

Goldsmithing can be defined as the craft that deals with building or carving pieces of gold and silver. Thanks to this art a great variety of objects can be made, among them: jewelry, utensils, sculptures and other artistic pieces.

Among the manufacturing techniques applied by the goldsmith are: casting of the raw material, hammering, beating, cutting, finishing, plating and gilding. As for decorative techniques, we can mention: stamping, filigree, stippling, veining and embossing, among others.

Nowadays, the goldsmith’s craft can no longer be considered popular, since mass production, based on other technologies, has taken over. However, it is a craft that is not disappearing due to the unique value that the pieces bring to those who commission them. It is common in the highest social circles to pay for original and unique pieces of goldsmithing.

In that sense, goldsmithing has become a rather exclusive trade and objects tend to have more monetary value than others. Handmade objects will always be valued for their authenticity.

Explore right now the more than 15 goldsmithing books in PDF format that we make available for quick and free download from this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Goldsmith books:

Jewelry Design Training Module

The American India Foundation


Gerhard Schulz Wahle

Platinum Solders Proper Use and Application in Jewelry Making

Jurgen J Maerz

Jewellery Alloys Past Present and Future

Christopher W Corti

Goldsmith Mysteries

Wachholtz Verlag

Additive Manufacturing in the Goldsmith Industry Technological Issues Economic Benefits and Firms Actual Adoption

Silvia Giacomin

The Craft of the Goldsmith in Wielbark Culture in the Light of the Finds From the Cemetery at Weklice Elblag Commune

Magdalena Natuniewicz Sekula

Goldsmithing Traditions and Innovations in Colonial Colombia

Marcos Martinon Torres,Jimena Lobo Guerrero Arenas,Umberto Veronesi


Christopher M Manning

An Introduction to Jewellery Making Tools (Article)


List of Tools (Article)

Parag Vyas

Tools and Techniques Used by Goldsmiths in Ancient Georgia (Article)

Ermine Magradze

The Metallurgy of Some Carat Gold Jewellery Alloys (Article)

Allen S McDonald,George H Sistare

Analysis and Validation of Database in Computer Aided Design of Jewellery Casting (Article)

Z Ignaszak,J Wojciechowski

Medieval Goldsmithing (Article)

Cluny Museum

The Ancient Craft of Granulation (Article)

Jochem Wolters

Soldering Clamp Instructions (Article)

Knew Concepts Precision Crafted Saws and Tools

Goldsmith (Article)

Juveelipood Goldsmith

A Study on Work Life of Goldsmith After the Influence of Modern Technology in Jewel Making with the Special Reference to Coimbatore City (Article)

G Indhumathia,R Devika

On the Soldering Techniques of Gold Objects From the Boma Site Xinjiang China (Article)

Fan Yang,Thilo Rehren,Ping Kang

Here ends our selection of free Goldsmith books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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