20+ Gardening Books for Free! [PDF]

The appearance and ornamentation of private and public spaces is no small matter for the inhabitants of cities and rural areas. It is a subject that has been present for thousands of years and is related to urban aesthetic relevance.

Taking into account the importance of the subject, we have prepared this collection of books on gardening in PDF format. In them you will find extensive information about this topic that we know you are interested in researching.

With our gardening books you will discover the wonders of this trade. The passion for gardens is ancient, the Egyptians already gave it a mystical reference, they represented abundance and had something sacred for this culture.

Then, throughout history, they have been included in urban planning, being taken into account for the architecture of large buildings and monuments. Many gardens have become a historical and tourist reference in some countries around the world.

Gardening is defined as the art of growing and caring for plants, flowers and trees. Generally, for aesthetic purposes. In private spaces, such as houses, gardens have a great relevance, not only for their ability to beautify the internal or external areas, but because it brings nature to intimate spaces. They add a touch of freshness and allow people to disconnect from the urban hustle and bustle.

The gardener’s trade requires knowledge of plants, how they work, how to supply their needs, how to choose them for each project and to know the characteristics of a garden.

It uses tools such as pruning shears, rakes, shovels, watering cans, spraying products and in more technological cases, electric pruners and various irrigation systems.

Surprise yourself with all that the world of gardening has to offer and become an expert in creating beautiful gardens, with the help of our more than 20 books on gardening in PDF format.

Gardening Books

A vegetable garden for all


Up from the Ground

Robin Mittenthal

Community Gardening Manual

Toronto Community Housing

A Guide to Vegetable Gardens


Sustainable Home Gardening - Training course guide

PVL Bharathi

Green Roof Design: State of the Art on Technology and Materials

Stefano Cascone

How to start a vegetable garden

Old Farmer’s Almanac

Rooftop Gardens (Article)


Gardening 101

Christie Lovat

Arboriculture Books

Arboriculture is an activity considered an art, since it deals with the technique of tree cultivation, something that at first glance seems simple but is not. It requires a previous study, so much so that arboriculture is a science.

Arboriculturists are experts in this field; they are professionals who know the seasons, the types of soil and everything necessary to be able to carry out a correct plantation. Their function includes the selection, propagation, care and selective felling of plants and shrubs.

In the arboriculture books, two types can be seen, the commercial, dedicated exclusively to the distribution of seeds or planting for profit, and the municipal, an activity with a social emphasis, where there is an active care of green areas. 

Safety and Health in Arboriculture

Worksafe NZ

Scanning the Horizon for the Future of Arboriculture (Article)

David N. Bengston

Arboriculture (Presentation)

Colorado State University

Floriculture Books

Floriculture is the art of growing flowers, many people have developed a skill or talent to do it without much study, however, it is a science, so it is good to take a look at the floriculture books we have for you.

Floriculture covers a wide variety of uses, its production is oriented to industry and decorative art. It is an important and highly demanded art, since flowers are used by many people, to give as gifts, to decorate and even to decorate tombs.

It is a practice that brings many benefits to the health of those who perform it, since it helps them to combat stress, satisfies the senses, improves mood, brings vitality, improves sleep, etc.

Floriculture - Student Handbook

Central Board of Secondary Education

Floriculture Production Guide

British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture


Government of Prince Edward Island

Introduction To Floriculture


Horticulture Books

Horticulture is a science that is directly related to human health, it deals with the cultivation of vegetables, it is a science responsible for the creation and implementation of new techniques in the production of these vegetables, as well as fruits, ornamental plants, spices and medicinal plants.

Without this activity, which goes unnoticed, we would not have the same amount of vegetables that we have today, since this technique has increased production at a macro level.

If you want to learn more about the subject, you can read the horticulture books we have for you, there you will learn everything you need to know about this science, and you will also be able to make your own vegetable gardens for personal consumption. 

Fundamentals of Horticulture

Dr. G. S. K. Swamy and Dr. J. Auxcilia

The Horticulture Handbook

Western Australian Agriculture Authority

General Horticultural Crop Production & Post-Harvest Handling Techniques (Presentation)

Shep Plus

Horticulture Handbook

Mississippi State University

Introduction to Horticulture


Here ends our selection of free Gardening books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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