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Covering the face with products or substances from nature is an ancient custom that is practiced in various forms in different parts of the world. With our compendium of the best makeup books in PDF format you can take a tour of its origin and the various techniques to cover the imperfections of the face. Today, the makeup artist’s trade has a lot of prestige and, as a business, the cosmetics sector is quite profitable.

Makeup has many uses in humanity. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian rulers used it to demonstrate their power, lining their eyes with black pigments. Since then, makeup has evolved from being a privilege that only the rich and powerful could access, to become an activity and product accessible to people of all social classes. With our books on makeup you can learn more about it.

Makeup is defined as the craft of applying substances or products to transform the appearance of a person’s face or body part. This activity can have purely aesthetic purposes, to cover imperfections or simply to enhance the beauty of the face. However, there is also artistic makeup, for entertainment reasons, or makeup for cultural reasons such as that of certain aboriginal groups.

Traditionally, only women apply makeup in everyday life. Men who are exposed to mass media, such as television, movies or theater, often also wear makeup to look exactly as expected in that circumstance. Today the practice of makeup has become more popular with the rise of social media and many people are learning how to do makeup formally.

If you are interested in learning the technique and different functions of this trade, we invite you to take a look at our more than 20 books on makeup in PDF format. Below, we leave you a list with all the available titles.

Here we present our complete selection of Make-Up books:

Make up Application

Various authors

Bare to Brilliant in Thirty Minutes

Kylie Hensley

Basic Full-Face Makeup Application (Article)

Various authors

Ancient Egyptian Eye Makeup (Article)

Judith Illes

5 Secrets to Prepping Your Skin for Flawless Makeup (Article)

Various authors

Evening Make-up

Melissa Bourne

Skin Care Tips-Learn how to Remove Makeup Effectively (Article)

Various authors

Chinese Cosmetics from the Tang Dynasty

THL Ouyang Yingzhao

Make up

Amy Yang

An Introduction to Special Effects Makeup (Article)

Lauren Veling and Shani Anderson

How to Apply Stage Make Up (Article)

Various authors

A Photographer’s Guide to Makeup (Article)

Various authors

Eye Makeup Products

Various authors

SBE Makeup Guide

Sue Bryce Education

Face With Hearth

Chris Scott

Basic Eyeshadow

Robert Jones Beauty Academy Online Makeup School

Makeup Application Guidelines

Miss Kathey

10 Make-up

Various authors

Beauty and Wellness

Various authors

Natural Beauty - Recipe Book

School of Natural Skincare: Natural & Organic Skincare

Natural and Organic Cosmetics: Definition and Concepts

Cleber Barros and Rosana Bevenuto Guilhen Barros

Here ends our selection of free Make-up books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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