20+ Masonry Books for Free! [PDF]

There are trades that are indispensable for the development of societies, they reflect their progress. Today we will introduce you to the world of one of the most important for the civilizations of the planet.

This is our collection of books on masonry in PDF format, a selection made with dedication so you can enjoy it for free.

The first builders of the world were masons, although they worked with rather rustic materials, as they found them in nature, they had a great responsibility on their shoulders.

Any construction involves knowledge and well-developed skills to keep it standing and fulfilling its function. Therefore, if you are interested in this activity, we recommend you to start studying it with our masonry books.

Masonry is the art of building structures or works for buildings, starting from separate objects that are joined together by means of mortars or materials that harden.

The main materials most frequently used by masons are the so-called stone materials, such as bricks, blocks and stones. They also use cement, lime, sand and even glass.

Masons use all these materials to build structures, cladding, frescoes, coatings; marble, granite, plaster surfaces; and plumbing and heating systems.

Undoubtedly, masons have a big job on their hands, of very high importance for any urban or rural center. In this sense, masonry has been able to evolve along with technological advances to facilitate the work.

Currently, there are three main types of masonry: simple masonry, which is carried out only with mortar and bricks; concrete masonry, in which steel structures can be used to reinforce walls; and reinforced masonry, which is carried out with confinements.

We hope that our more than 20 books about masonry in PDF format will be very useful for our community of readers. Remember that our books are distributed free of charge and are in the public domain.

Here we present our complete selection of Masonry books:

Practical Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering

Thomas Kelly Paternoster Row

Basic Construction Training Manual for Trainers

Heini Müller

Brick Technical manual

Brickworks Style Short Link Website

Masonry Works

International Labour Organization

Building Contractors Pocket Handbook

Clay Brick Association of South Africa

Basic Brick Construction: Walls, Corners, Pillars & Edging

Various authors

Good Craftsmanship Guide

Various authors

Basic Knowledge

International Labour Organization

Technical Description Bricklaying - Construction and Building Technology


Wig/Tuck A Research Project on Historic Pointing Techniques and Façade Finishes in Dublin

Dr. Gerard Lynch and Dr. John Montague

Good Site Practice and Workmanship

The Brick Development Association

Glen-Gery’s Brickwork Techniques Seminar Series: “The Basics of Brickwork Details”


Brick Masonry

Various authors

Masonry - Specification for Brickwork and Blockwork

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Masonry - Basic Equipment and Components General

Construction Knowledge.net


Clay Brick Association of South Africa

Bricklaying Tools (Article)

Clay Brick Association of South Africa

DIY Bricklaying (Article)

Various authors

Bricklaying Techniques (Article)

The Brick Development Association

Example Risk Assessment for Contract Bricklayers (Article)

Various authors

Workplace Hazards in Bricklaying (Article)

Chichester College

Here ends our selection of free Masonry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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