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For some, it is an art; for others, not so much. However, displaying the preserved skin of an animal is a preference shared by many people worldwide.

You can better understand this through our collection of free taxidermy books. Taxidermy is not a very common practice, but it has true followers in various parts of the world. It is done for artistic purposes or as a hobby.

Taxidermy has evolved over time, and those who practice it have worked to improve the techniques of preservation, enabling the study and conservation of species.

Most taxidermists work with mammalian animals, and the preserved bodies are exhibited in museums or private collections. The word “taxidermy” is derived from the Greek words “taxis,” meaning “arrangement,” and “dermis,” meaning “skin.” Etymologically, it refers to arranging the skin, in this case, that of the animal.

A taxidermist must possess certain knowledge, such as dissection, skin treatment, sculpture, and anatomy. We invite you to take a look at our selection of over 15 free taxidermy books and articles in PDF format.

Taxidermy Books

Guide to taxidermy

Chas. K. Reed and Chester A. Reed

The art of Taxidermy

John Rowley

Maine Taxidermy Information Booklet

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Death and Taxidermy

Caitlin Monroe

Through the eyes of a taxidermist

Eva Langstraat

Animals, artists and authenticity - Exploring the spectrum of museum taxidermy

Elizabeth Andres

The Curious Occurrence of Taxidermy in Contemporary Art

Jo-Ann Conklin

From Mortal to Immortal - The Significance of Taxidermy

Errol Fuller

The Art of Taxidermy - A Glance into the Natural World (Article)

Colbey Derwin

A review on wildlife taxidermy - preservation for conservation (Article)

Ashraful Kabir and Trevor J. Hawkeswood

Taxidermy as Knowledge (Article)

Alissa W. Walls

Taxidermy Skinning How To Guide

Eagle Creek Conservation Club

Preparing Insect Specimens for Exhibit

University Idaho

Skinning a Squirrel for Taxidermy


A new method of taxidermy using polyethylene glycol as an impregnation medium

Cal R. Fremling

Taxidermy a bird


Taxidermy of Birds


A study on the theoretical concepts of quality mammalian taxidermy: clues for conservation

Ashraful Kabir, Mamata Rani Das and Trevor J. Hawkeswood

How to Pin and Spread Butterflies and Other Insects for Display

Home Training Tools

Take a look at how this ancient science is now art

Joe McFarland

Animal Anatomy Books

Through the detailed observation of bony structures, muscles, and internal organs of different species, taxidermists acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to reconstruct and naturally preserve specimens.

A solid understanding of the arrangement of parts and the shape of the body allows them to give animals their living appearance in a very realistic way.

If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to visit our complete section of free animal anatomy books in PDF format.

Here ends our selection of free Taxidermy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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