20+ Welding Books for Free! [PDF]

Although it is neither a science nor a formal study, many trades give important contributions to certain sectors of the economy, which is the case that we bring in this section. We present to you our collection of the best welding books in PDF format. There is much that welding has contributed to the growth of the industrial sector, joining parts to achieve large-scale structures that are indispensable for modern societies.

Perhaps no one thinks of welders when they imagine the development of an industry or a certain country, but the truth is that they have a lot to do with it. Thanks to this trade, great advances have been made in aeronautics, construction and metal mechanics. Learn about technical topics with our books on welding, which are completely free and can be accessed immediately in this section of the virtual library.

Welding is the activity in which two or more parts of a larger structure or object are joined together. The joint is produced thanks to the heat exerted through an electric arc that allows the material, with or without filler metal, to melt. The welder must, in addition to mastering the skill and technique, comply with some safety measures and protect themself with goggles, mask, gloves and suit, as they are exposed to dangerous burns.

Welding is so important that the structure of an airplane is assembled by fixing each of its parts. It is therefore a trade that must be mastered to perfection, to avoid as many mistakes as possible. There are several types of welding, including: autogenous, homogeneous, heterogeneous, brazing, soldering, gas and torch welding, and pressure or cold welding.
Explore more about this area of knowledge by taking a look at our more than 20 books on welding in PDF format. And remember, practice makes perfect.

Here we present our complete selection of Welding books:

The Welding Handbook


Basic Manual Metal ARC Welding

Department of Training and Workforce Development

Welding Metallurgy (Presentation)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Handbook on Welding Techniques

Gwalior Maharajpur

Materials and Welding

Germanischer Lloyd Aktiengesellschaft, Hamburg


Department of Transportation

Stainless Steels - Welding Guide

Lincoln Electric

TIG Welding – Method and Application


How to Model Welding Processes

Francis Thibault

Online course on Analysis and Modelling of Welding

G. Phanikumar

Welding (Presentation)

NIT Jamshedpur

Welding Processes (Presentation)

John Wiley & Sons

Welding Safety Procedures

Thompson Rivers University

Welder Guide Book

Welding Equipment ESAB North America


Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

An Introduction to Manual Metal ARC (MMA) Stick Welding


Welding Hazards

AFSCME Staff Rep Portal

Fundamentals of welding (Article)

University of Technology

Welding Equipment (Article)

R-Tech Welding

Introduction to Welding Technology (Article)

The Hashemite University

CO2-gas-shielded One-side Welding Process Two-electrode NS-Oneside MAG (Article)

Isamu Kimoto, Ryuichi Motomatsu

The Speed Welding Processes (Article)

Lorch Schweißgeräte und Automation

Intelligent Systems for Welding Process Automation (Article)

Sadek C. A. Alfaro, Paul Drews

Here ends our selection of free Welding books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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