15+ Upholstery Books for Free! [PDF]

The conservation of furniture depends a lot on the use that people give it, however, when the passage of time takes its toll, there are options to leave that furniture like new. To find out how to achieve this, you can check out our selection of the best upholstery books in PDF format. Thanks to upholstery, you won’t have to throw away any furniture.

Nothing affects the aesthetics of a space more than the deterioration of its furniture. We can have very precious pieces for the family and not want to lose them as part of our heritage, but they are so deteriorated that we seriously think about getting rid of them. A good upholsterer can conveniently intervene in this. For this reason, we invite you to learn about this trade with our books on upholstery. Maybe this is the solution you were looking for to save those pieces of furniture you love so much.

Upholstery is the trade that is responsible for making furniture, but not its structure, but to place fabrics to cover them, padding and make them look better aesthetically. It is also in charge of restoring the upholstery of furniture or seats already aged or damaged by use. The upholsterer has their field of work in homes, offices, cars, airplanes and any other space that requires upholstered furniture or seats.

The upholsterer works with various materials such as fabrics, leathers, buttons, staples, wadding, zippers and tacks. Among the tools used are: sewing machine, staple remover, upholsterer’s hammer, stapler, needles, among others. It also requires manual skills for sewing and cutting.

With our more than 15 books on upholstery in PDF format you can discover much more about this important trade that struggles not to disappear as an offer in the market. It is worth keeping it alive, as it is an art that many value. Download the books now and enjoy the knowledge.

Here we present our complete selection of Upholstery books:

1) Reupholstery: A Guide for Prop Masters

Kathryn Leigh Brittingham

Source: Louisiana State University Research

2) Non-Intrusive Methods for Documentating Upholstery

Trine P. W. Cannermo

Source: Linköping University

3) Design Criteria for the Production of Upholstered Living Room Furniture Founded on Asante Traditional Stool

Inkum, Paul

Source: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

4) Reupholstering Chairs with Foam Rubber

Gena Thames

Source: Washington State University

5) Furniture Restoration

Corv Allis

Source: Oregon State University

6) The Upholstery and Chairmaking Trades of Eighteenth-Century Newport, 1730 - 1790

Jennifer N. Johnson

Source: Smithsonian Institution

7) Simple Upholstery Methods

Margaret Huston Tuller

Source: Montana State University

8) Fire Characteristics of Upholstery Materials in Seats

Linda Makovicka Osvaldova, Iveta Markova, Miroslava Vandlíckova

Source: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

9) Clean leather upholstery

Australian Government

Source: National Register on Vocational Education and Training

10) Upholstery Foam and Sundries, from the UK Specialists

Joan Milton

Source: The Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers

11) Clean fabric upholstery

Australian Government

Source: National Register on Vocational Education and Training

12) Guide to Upholstery Services

Fineline Upholstery

Source: Fineline Upholstery

13) My Favorite Upholstery Tools

Chair Whimsy

Source: Chair Whimsy

14) Haynes Car Builder’s Manual-Chapter 17 - Upholstery and Trim (Article)

Clubman Builders Resource

Source: Clubman Builders Resource

15) Seat Upholstery Instalalation Guide Author Legendary

Legendary Auto Interiors

Source: Legendary Auto Interiors

16) Performance Properties of Classical and Modern Upholstery Techniques (Article)

Nihat Dongel, Baris Yilmaz

Source: ResearchGate

17) The investigation of soft furniture upholstery deformational behaviour (Article)

Virginija Saceviciene

Source: ResearchGate

18) Mobile Technical Training (Article)

Juan Romero Jr.

Source: Mobile Tech Training

19) Slip Seat Upholstery (Article)

Matt hew Teague

Source: Woodcraft

20) Upholstery Couture

Aiveen Daly

Source: Aiveen Daly

Here ends our selection of free Upholstery books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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