15+ Turnery Books for Free! [PDF]

Craftsmanship is very important for the different cultures of the world. The art of working the lathe is very old and has left an important legacy for everyone. In this opportunity we would like to present you our collection of turnery books in PDF format. Here you will find relevant information about the art of handling the lathe to create pieces with different functions.

Turnery also called turning, is a very ancient craft. A lathe-like device is said to appear in hieroglyphs as early as Ancient Egypt and, later, in excavations in Rome. But it was not until the 15th century that turnery came to prominence in Europe as a prestigious form of ornamentation for luxury spaces. Today it is a respectable trade and industrialization has bequeathed us a more sophisticated machine that makes the job much easier. Find out how to become a good turner with our books on turnery.

Turnery is the trade of woodworking with a lathe. The turning process can be performed on both simple and complex parts. Although nowadays parts can be manufactured in series, and not only in wood but also in steel to assemble various types of devices, due to technological progress, turning is still considered an art and the lathe operator (turner) is still considered a craftsman who can reproduce parts or create new ones, according to their skills and the use of their imagination.

There are different types of lathe operators, some are more dedicated to craftsmanship and woodworking. Others work in the industrial sector handling much more sophisticated machines, which require more advanced knowledge to operate them successfully.

Explore much more with our selection of over 15 turnery books in PDF format, which you can quickly and easily download below.

Here we present our complete selection of Turnery books:

1) Lathe Operations

The Army Institute for professional Development

2) A Course in Wood Turning

Archie S. Milton, Otto K. Wohlers

3) Introduction to Turning Tools and their Application

MachiningCloud for Better Machine Tooling Workflows

4) A Seminar report on Lathe Machine

Study Mafia

5) Turning Operations Chapter 5 Lathe (Presentation)


6) Steel characteristics and their link to chip breaking and tool wear in metal cutting

Niclas Anmark

7) Optimization of surface roughness, material removal rate and cutting tool flank wear in turning using extended taguchi approach

Umesh Khandey

8) Lathe Machine (Presentation)

JNKVV Jabalpur

9) Machining Operations and Machine Tools (Presentation)

Several Authors

10) Turning Wood

Richard Raffan

11) Hard Turning

Tungaloy Corporation

12) Fundamentlas of Hard Turning


13) Introduction to Woodturning

Brian Clifford

14) The Development of the Lathe 200 - 1850

Peter H. Kunz

15) Woodturning Fundamentals

American Association of Woodturners

16) Literature Review on Turning Operations

Dr. Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman Khayal

17) Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Cutting Forces in Orthogonal Turning in AISI-1045 Steel

Marco Antonio Prieto Juárez, Eduardo Aguilera Gómez, Héctor Plascencia Mora

18) Lathe Tool - It's Development from the Ancient times to Nowaday (Article)

Vasiliki Kamperidou, Ioannis (John) Barboutis

Here ends our selection of free Turnery books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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