20+ Tailoring Books for Free! [PDF]

Tailoring is something that, although less in demand nowadays, is an excellent craft that many appreciate. If you want to start studying this unique trade, we invite you to check out our collection of the best tailoring books in PDF format. Read on, as we will give you a brief overview of its origin and the techniques used by tailors for hundreds of years.

The origin of tailoring can be found in the historical period of the Middle Ages, where the European nobility demanded tailor-made garments to differentiate themselves from the plebs.

However, during the Renaissance the trade became more popular due to the rise of fashion. From then on, interest in tailoring would increase, until the industrial age when garments began to be mass-produced. These facts can be found more precisely in the books on tailoring presented here.

Tailoring is the craft of making tailor-made garments by hand. The customer’s measurements are taken, the patterns are cut and measured, and adjustments are made with needles and with the fabric already fitted to the body.

With the help of a sewing machine, the pieces are joined together and the suit is ready. Tailoring has always been dedicated to the creation of men’s garments, as the making of women’s garments is often called sewing, and those who do it are called seamstresses.

Tailoring also requires expertise, as it pursues the art of elegance and distinction. Many prefer the exclusive design of a tailor to buying clothes in shops, mass-produced, knowing that many people will wear the same piece and detract from its originality.

Learn much more about this subject with our more than 20 tailoring books in PDF format. In them you will find the information you need to learn more about the trade of tailoring. Remember these books are free and easy to download.

Here we present our complete selection of Tailoring books:

1) Usha Tailoring Course


Source: Usha

2) Basic Sewing Skills

Tiesi Filipo Koepke, Salakeima Feleti and Lilivanu Maketi

Source: OAsis, COL's Open Access Repository

3) Sewing for Beginners

UNH Extension

Source: UNH Extension

4) Guide to a Perfect Men’s Suit Fit

Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

Source: Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

5) Sewing Fundamentals Handbook

The Make Den Sewing Studio

Source: The Make Den Sewing Studio

6) Introduction to Sewing Machine


Source: NCERT

7) Measurement Guide

Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

Source: Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

8) Guide to a Perfect Men's Shirt Fit

Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

Source: Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

9) Pants Pattern Guidesheet

Soldiers' Angels

Source: Soldiers' Angels

10) Guide to Perfect Men’s Trousers

Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

Source: Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

11) Sewing Tools and Sewing Machine Operations


Source: NCERT

12) Guide to a Perfect Women’s Shirt Fit

Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

Source: Custom Tailored Shirts & Suits

13) Measurement Chart (Presentation)

The Sewing Workshop

Source: The Sewing Workshop

14) Basics of Garment Construction


Source: NCERT

15) Complete Measurement Guide

A Tailored Suit

Source: A Tailored Suit

16) Hand and Stitches (Article)

Nadine Hackler

Source: Johnson County - University of Kentucky

17) Hand-Sewing Skills (Article)

Pamela Rose

Source: OSU Extension Catalog

18) Pressing Techniques for home sewing (Article)

Rachel Wallace

Source: University of Kentucky

19) Complete Sewing Instructions. The Russell Way

Maude W. Russell

Source: Survivor Library

20) Practical Sewing and Dressmaking

Sara May Allington

Source: Brittle Books

21) Prof, Jean B. Peyry's Instruction Book with Diagram and Measure Book

Jean B. Peyry

Source: American Memory

22) Garment Construction


Source: Welcome to Board of Intermediate Education

23) Pattern Making

Agnes K. Hanna

Source: Survivor Library

24) Sewing Handbook

Blanche E. Hyde

Source: Mountain Scholar

Here ends our selection of free Tailoring books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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