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Restoration is the art of repairing and restoring objects or structures to their original state or, at the very least, making them functional again.

Restoration requires great dedication and care, especially when dealing with a socially, culturally, artistically, or personally valuable piece that needs to be preserved as closely as possible to its original version. 

The most common restorations are carried out on artworks and antiques. In the former case, it is a delicate and meticulous task performed to maintain artworks of great value that have been created many years ago, even centuries.

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Restoration Techniques Books

Restoration techniques are methods used to preserve and recover damaged works, whether they are architectural pieces, sculptures, paintings, or objects.

There are various methodologies applied depending on the material and level of deterioration, with the common goal of restoring the piece to its original aesthetic and functional values.

Among the most commonly used techniques are cleaning, whether chemical or mechanical, damage assessment, and filling voids. In general, the objective is to restore the original state using respectful and reversible methods. You can learn more with the following free books and articles on restoration techniques.

The Care and Handling of Art Objects - Practices in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Marjorie Shelley

The restoration of engravings, drawings, books, and other works on paper

Max Schweidler

Guidelines for the Care of Larger and Working Historic Objects


Conserving Textiles

Istvan Eri

What is the essence of conservation?

François Mairesse and Renata F. Peters

Painting Historic Buildings - Materials and Techniques

NPS Reading

Conservation Treatment

NPS Museum

Stain Removal Guide - for Washable Fabrics


Reflection on conservation-restoration practice today - A european perspective

Belishki Stefan and Corr Susan

Surface Restoration

Anderson·Perry & Associates

A new reinforcement method for the conservation of fragile, double-sided, printed paper cultural relics

Jiaojiao Liu and others

A Virtual Restoration Stage for Real-World Objects

Daniel G. Aliaga, Alvin J. Law and Yu Hong Yeung

The Study of POSS/Polyurethane as a Consolidant for Fragile Cultural Objects (Article)

Xing Zhao and others

Efficacy of Enzymes and other Stain Removal Techniques in Museum Textiles (Article)

Kanika Sachdeva and others

A History of Restoration, a Restoration of History (Article)

Piacenti SpA

Competences for access to the conservationrestoration profession


Books on Art Object Restoration

The restoration of art objects is a delicate process that aims to preserve the pieces for future generations. Whether they are paintings, sculptures, or other artworks, restoration requires specialized techniques to restore their original appearance without compromising their integrity.

Trained professionals conduct an initial inspection to diagnose the conservation status and identify any damages. They then apply physical, chemical, or mechanical methods to clean, consolidate, and repair affected areas.

The ultimate goal of any art object restoration process is to achieve physical-chemical stabilization and preserve its historical and aesthetic integrity, allowing them to be exhibited and passed down to future generations. Explore further information with the following free books and articles on art object restoration.

Conserving Outdoor Painted Sculpture

Lydia Beerkens and Tom Learner

Documentation of paintings restoration through photogrammetry and change detection algorithms

Dante Abate

Art Conser t Conservation - The Cost of Sa ation: The Cost of Saving Gr ving Great Works of Ar orks of Art

Caitlin O'Riordan

Conservation of a historic panel oil-painting coated with an ancient varnish layer

Yosr Elsayed

Conservation and restoration of metals


Restoration and conservation of fine art and antiques

Fineart Restoration

What is Art Conservation?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Guide to Pottery Reconstruction

Ann S. Cordell and Lindsay Bloch

Lesson - Art Restoration

National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

Furniture Restoration Books

Furniture is subject to the passage of time and daily use, often requiring restoration tasks to maintain its original beauty.

Whether due to wear and tear, impacts, or discoloration, having trained professionals is key to restoring each piece to its former splendor. Furniture restoration experts carefully evaluate the piece to diagnose the problem and establish an action plan.

Among the most common techniques applied is the disassembly and thorough cleaning of each element, using products tailored to the wood, fabric, or other materials. Discover more with the following books and articles on furniture restoration in PDF format.

Furniture restoration

Oregon State

Inventory of repair and strengthening methods timber

Luís Pinto

Wood structures repair

Lulzim Idrizi, Name Bujar Jashari and Rrahim Sejdiu

Cleaning, repairing and reconditioning wood furniture

Carol Williams

Making simple repairs on wood furniture (Article)

Margaret Boschetti

Care of furniture surfaces

Linda R. Adler

Influence of Finishing/Polishing Procedures on the Surface Texture of Two Resin Composites (Article)

Atsushi Kameyama and others

Unprecedented Wood Restoration System


Books on Historic Building Restoration

The restoration of historic buildings requires meticulous planning and specialized techniques due to the need to preserve their heritage value and original architectural identity.

Trained professionals first conduct a detailed study to diagnose the construction status, identify cracks, mold, or other structural issues. They then develop a comprehensive project that combines minimal intervention with maximum strength.

The ultimate goal is to intervene in a respectful manner, restoring both the structural and aesthetic integrity of the building, allowing it to continue standing for many more years, fulfilling its social, cultural, and historical role. We offer you a selection of free books and articles on historic building restoration.

Teaching Conservation - Restoration of the Architectural Heritage

Stefano F. Musso and Luisa De Marco

Standards for restoration and guidelines for restoring historic buildings


Preserving Wood Features in Historic Buildings

Erica C. Avrami



Formal Aesthetics of the Facades of Historical Public Buildings

Noviani Suryasari and others

Restoration in Architecture - First Dialogue

Camillo Boito and Cesare Birignani

Practical Techniques for Restoration of Architectural Formation Elements in Historical Buildings

Mahran Anwar

Reconstruction and restoration of historical buildings of transport infrastructure (Article)

Daria Kareeva and Valeriya Glazkova

Reconstruction and Restoration of Historic Buildings according to International Conventions

Eng. Nader Jawad El Namara

The Problem of Preservation, Restoration and Reconstruction of the World Architectural Heritage

D. V. Gnezdilov and others

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