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The aesthetics of the body is an issue that has interested mankind since ancient times. One of its manifestations is hair care, related to good personal appearance. In InfoBooks we want to give a space to this topic and here we present you our collection of hairdressing books in PDF format. Ready to be devoured by our readers inclined to this area of beauty and personal care.

Hair care was already an activity that interested people in Ancient Egypt. Hair was associated with strength, identity and connection to divinity, which made it an element of utmost relevance in the culture. Later, the Greeks gave hair prominence in their ideals of perfection and beauty, showing abundant curly hair in both men and women. In addition, the first beauty salon emerged. This information can be found in our books on hairdressing.

Hairdressing is the trade of cutting, coloring and styling hair with sophistication. This activity is carried out in a salon or place with the same name and needs certain furniture, as well as specific instruments to be carried out. Dressers, mirrors, adjustable chairs, shampoo chairs, auxiliary tables, hair dryers, scissors, hair dyes are some of the equipment and furniture that are required for a correct performance.

The relationship between the hairdresser and the customers is of vital importance. Hair care and esthetics is considered a delicate matter that cannot be left in the hands of just anyone. Once a person finds a hairdresser they trust, it is difficult for the bond to be broken. In addition, the salon also becomes a place for relaxation, where clients chat, drink coffee, leaf through magazines and watch television.

Today there are specialized hairdressing salons for women, men, children and even pets. Find out more about this important trade in our more than 20 books on hairdressing in PDF format.

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Here we present our complete selection of Hairdressing books:

#1. Hairdressing Training Manual author New Zealand Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation | Source: Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation
#2. Salon Health & Safety Guidelines author Schwarzkopf Professional | Source: Creative HEAD Magazine
#3. Learners Guide author Matters In Gray Organisation | Source: MIG Training
#4. Hairing Coloring Theory author ContinuingCosmetology.com | Source: ContinuingCosmetology.com
#5. Educational Material for the technical part of the hairdressing trade(Presentation) author Ann Pettersson | Source: Frisörföretagarna
#6. The Hair Styling Essentials Handbook (Presentation) author QC Makeup Academy | Source: QC Makeup Academy
#7. Handbook for Hairdressers hazardous ingredients in professional cosmetics author Think Before You Buy! | Source: Think before you buy
#8. The effect of semi-permanent hair color conditioner for maintenance of hair coloring (Article) author Kanchanapa Sathirachawan | Source: Mae Fah Luang University
#9. Hair Coloring Products (Presentation) author Philadelphia University in Jordan | Source: Philadelphia University in Jordan
#10. Introducing Hair Styling (Article) author Foundation Diploma in Hair and Beauty Studies | Source: Pearson Schools and FE Colleges
#11. Hair Bleaching (Presentation) author Society of Cosmetic Scientists | Source: Society of Cosmetic Scientists


#12. Step By Step Styling Guide author Wahl Professional | Source: Wahl
#13. COLOUR BOOK Handbook for an appropriate use of Oyster Professional products line author Oyster Cosmetics Professional | Source: John Wurzel & Co. PTY LTD
#14. Haircutting author Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School | Source: Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School
#15. Hair Design for Men (Presentation) author Humble ISD | Source: Humble ISD
#16. Haircutting author eHair College | Source: eHair College
#17. Hair Design (Presentation) author Humble ISD | Source: Humble ISD
#18. Principles of Hair Design (Article) author Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School | Source: Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School
#19. List of hairstyles author Wikipedia | Source: Basic Knowledge 101
#20. Haircoloring (Article) author Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School | Source: Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School
#21. Hair and beauty author PDST | Source: Professional Development Service for Teachers
#22. Hair Styling author Province of Manitoba | Source: Province of Manitoba
#23. The power of Hair The politics of Hair in a (South) African context author Shonisani Netshia | Source: In Public In Particular

Here ends our selection of free Hairdressing books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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