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A trade allows you to have a decent job and a business to live on for life. If you are interested in developing a specific manual skill, working with certain materials, today we bring you a very profitable option. We would like to present to you our compendium of the best locksmithing books in PDF format, an ancient craft that has its art and has a great utility today. Locksmithing is part of the security of an enclosure, which is no small thing, especially in certain parts of the planet.

In earlier centuries, the locksmith was called a blacksmith and was the one who worked metals to build divisions between houses, as a kind of door. Later, it was limited to the creation of keys and locks. Learn more about its origin with our locksmithing books, they have useful and highly relevant information for those interested in learning the trade.

Locksmithing is, therefore, a trade that deals with the maintenance and repair of locks, padlocks, cylinders and latches of doors and vehicles. The lock is a mechanism that opens and closes doors with the help of a key. In addition, locksmiths perform the design and copying of keys.

The functions performed by a locksmith are the following: Repair and maintenance of locks, padlocks and cylinders, opening jammed doors, making master keys and their copies, making keys without copies. Nowadays, there are machines that make the locksmith’s work much easier, in order to be able to manufacture products in series. More sophisticated mechanisms have also been created to make homes and other spaces as secure as possible.

Study more about this topic by reviewing our more than 15 books on locksmithing in PDF format, in the public domain and freely distributed. You can download them for free and easily to your various electronic devices.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Locksmith books:

1) Locksmithing: An Expanding Career Field

Autor: Thomson. Education Direct

Fuente: Locksmith Care

2) Cylinder Manual

Autor: Corbin Russwin

Fuente: The ASSA ABLOY Group

3) Introduction to Keys-Working as aProfessional Locksmith

Autor: Penn Foster

Fuente: ICS Canada

4) The Complete Lock Picking Guide

Autor: Chris Dangerfield

Fuente: Public Domain

5) MIT Guide to Lock Picking

Autor: Ted the Tool

Fuente: Linkopings universitet

6) A Summary of Lockpicking

Autor: Tristan Guedel – Alexandre Triffault

Fuente: Ofc Sarl

7) How Lock Picking Works

Autor: Tom Harris and Marshall Brain

Fuente: Riseup

8) Impressioning Manual for Amateur Locksmiths Version 1.01

Autor: Manualcerrajero.com Cerrajería Cerrajeros

Fuente: Manual Cerrajero

9) Lock Picking-Detail Overkill

Autor: M. Gibson

Fuente: Nickmomrik

10) Locksmiths

Autor: CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration

Fuente: CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration


11) Improvised Lock Picks

Autor: WebShopApps

Fuente: WebShopApps

12) Lock Picking (Presentation)

Autor: Michael Lee

Fuente: University of California San Diego

13) Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Lockpicking & Physical Security

Autor: Deviant Ollam

Fuente: Black Hat

14) An Electronic Digital Combination Lock – Aprecise and Reliable Secutirty System

Autor: Adamu Murtala Zungeru

Fuente: ArXiv.org

15) Catalog – Lock Picks, Lock Picking & Lockout Tools, Locksmith Training

Autor: LockPickShop: Shop Lock Picks

Fuente: LockPickShop: Shop Lock Picks

16) Lockset installation (Article)

Autor: Yale US

Fuente: Yale US

17) Password Protected Electronic Lock System for Smart Home Security (Article)

Autor: Md. Maksudur Rahman, Dr. Mohammed Sowket Ali & Md. Shoaib Akther

Fuente: International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology

18) Door Lockset Installation Instructions (Article)

Autor: Irwin Industrial Tools

Fuente: Irwin Industrial Tools

19) CIA Lock Picking – Field Operative Training Manual

Autor: index-of.es/

Fuente: index-of.es/

Here ends our selection of free Locksmith books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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