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Always thinking about the relevance of the topics and the needs of our reading community, on this occasion, we have created a compilation of books on motivation in PDF format. This collection has important titles that show psychological research well supported by the scientific method and from recognized authors.

With our motivation books, you will be able to enjoy public domain and scientifically valid information about what moves people to achieve certain goals in life.

Motivation is the force that moves the individual to take action and thus obtain determined results that lead them to be more satisfied with their circumstances. Motivation is what makes us move towards a specific goal that would solve some aspect of our life. In psychology, the subject of personal and work motivation has been widely studied.

Several types stand out, according to the source of the stimulus: achievement motivation, affiliation motivation and competence motivation. Also depending on the place where it comes, it can be intrinsic or extrinsic. The first one refers to a type of motivation that is given by internal factors, generally, the person carries out the action only for the pleasure of doing it. In the extrinsic motivation the opposite happens, the person is moved by an external factor.

Other types of classification are personal motivation and work motivation; of the latter you will find excellent titles to consult in this section of the virtual library.

Take a look at our entire collection of more than 25 motivational books in PDF format, made for all those who wish to have quick and easy access to free books on this topic.

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Here we present our complete selection of Motivation books:

#1. Go Motivate Yourself author Frank Ramos | Source: DRI.org
#2. Personal Confidence & Motivation author Promeng Tempus | Source: Promeng Tempus
#3. Getting Motivated to Change author N. G. Bartholomew, D. F. Dansereau, D. D. Simpson | Source: Institute of Behavioral Research
#4. Motivation: A Literature Review author Emily R. Lai | Source: Pearson Assessments
#5. Fundamentals of Motivation and Motivational Techniques author Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol | Source: Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol
#6. Motivating Skills author Tutorialspoint | Source: Tutorialspoint
#7. How to Improve Motivation author Anthony Bagshawe | Source: Perpustakaan – Universitas Pancasila
#8. Motivation author Basic Knowledge 101 | Source: Basic Knowledge 101
#9. Motivation & Its Theories author Management Consulting Courses and Training Resources on Business Management Consulting | Source: Management Consulting Courses and Training Resources on Business Management Consulting
#10. How to Motivate Yourself and Others? Intended and Unintended Consequences author Juliana Schroeder, Ayelet Fishbach | Source: Squarespace.com
#11. Work Motivation – Studies of its Determinants and Outcomes author Christina Bjorklund | Source: Stockholm School of Economics
#12. Five Key Ingredients for Improving Student Motivation author Kaylene C. Williams, Caroline C. Williams | Source: AABRI
#13. A Summary of Motivation Theories author Benjamin Ball | Source: Yourcoach Gent


#14. Work Motivation: Relationships with Job Satisfaction, Locus of Control and Motivation Orientation author Tiiu Kamdron | Source: Kharkov.ua
#15. Setting Goals for Yourself, and Motivating Yourself to Succeed author Ferris State University | Source: Ferris State University
#16. A pocket guide to Motivational Interviewing author Miller W. R., Rollnick S. | Source: Building Better Programs
#17. Strategies for Increasing Students’ Self-motivation author Sylvester J. O. Odanga | Source: Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences
#18. Mind Tools on Motivation author James Manktelow, Kellie Fowler | Source: Mind Tools
#19. The Power of Motivation author WhatDoTheyKnow | Source: WhatDoTheyKnow
#20. Theories of Motivation (Power Point Presentation) author Hußmann | Source: Medieninformatik – LMU München
#21. Motivation – Concept, Nature, Process and Theories (Power Point Presentation) author Asha Kumari Gupta | Source: Official Website of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University
#22. Top 20 Effective Motivation Techniques (Power Point Presentation) author Saint Paul, Minnesota | Source: Saint Paul, Minnesota
#23. Motivation in the Workplace to Improve the Employee Performance (Article) author Vinay Chaitanya Ganta | Source: International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences
#24. What is Motivation and why does it matter? (Article) author ERIC | Source: ERIC
#25. What is Motivation (Power Point Presentation) author University of Oklahoma | Source: University of Oklahoma
#26. Motivation Techniques (Article) author Grand Valley State University | Source: Grand Valley State University

Here ends our selection of free Motivation books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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