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Philosophical doctrines are always important to understand the root of scientific and humanistic knowledge. This time we present to you a very relevant collection of stoicism books in PDF format.

We have heard the term stoicism in everyday life and it relates to an attitude towards life in which we retain emotional control. But with our selection of stoicism books you will realize that it goes much further.

Stoicism is a philosophical school created in Ancient Greece by Zeno of Citium around 300 BC. The main objective of this doctrine was to achieve imperturbability by dominating the passions and letting reason and virtuous conduct predominate.

The Stoics called this absence of disturbing emotions «ataraxia». To achieve this state of non-disturbance it was necessary to abandon material ambition and live in austerity, as well as to refrain from making moral judgments of any kind. In this way, emotional control and respect for the natural laws of the universe were encouraged.

With the passage of time, stoicism has evolved and even today there are people who like to follow its precepts. One of the most prominent representatives of this doctrine in the modern era has been the Italian Massimo Pigliucci, in whose publication «How to be a Stoic», reveals that there is no strict or unique way of practicing Stoicism. True Stoics combine methods, techniques and practices that help them achieve their life goals and walk a unique path.

Check out this super collection of over 15 stoicism books in PDF format that we are sure you will enjoy and find useful for your studies and research. Be sure to download the one you like best.

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Here we present our complete selection of Stoicism books:

Stoic Notes

Rymke Wiersma

A Little Book of Stoicism

St George Stock

Stoic and Christian Conceptions of Happiness

David Naugle

Christian-Stoicism: Exploring the Relationshipbetween Christianity and Stoicism andConstructing a Manual of Christian-Stoic Wisdom

Trevor Kelly

Epictetus-A Stoic and Socratic Guide to Life

Universidade de Sao Paulo

A Selection from the Discourses of Epictetus With the Encheiridion


Nazis and Neo-Stoics - Otto Brunner and Gerhard Oestreich Before and After the Second World War


The Stoic Account of Apprehension

Tamer Nawar

Stoic Philosophy: Its Origins and Influence

Peter Worth Jr.

A Stoic Approach to Living a Meaningful Life

Andrew M. Winters

Nature and Reason in Stoic Ethics

Jacob Samuel Klein

Stoicism as a Way of Life

Pierre Hadot

Kant and Stoic Cosmopolitanism

Martha C. Nussbaum

Stoicism, Enkrasia, and Happiness

John L. Bowman

Scepticism, Stoicism and Subjectivity: Reappraising Montaigne’s Influence on Descartes

Jesús Navarro Reyes

Beauty as harmony of the soul: the aesthetic of the Stoics

Jennifer A. McMahon

In Matters of Faith: Christianity vs. Stoicism

Kevin Miller

Stoicism (Article)

Alok Kumar Gupta

Into the Heart of Darkness Or: Alt-Stoicism? Actually, No... (Article)

Matthew Sharpe

Here ends our selection of free Stoicism books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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