15+ Wisdom Books for Free! [PDF]

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Everyone in the world aspires to have a deeper understanding of life, which helps us to act in a beneficial and wise way, to get the results we desire. Our collection of wisdom books in PDF format aims to help you make use of that knowledge and succeed in whatever you undertake.

Wisdom is considered a value and is part of the morals of a person who seeks, fundamentally, to act with good. It is also defined as an ability to solve problems, a product of experience and knowledge accumulated over the years. The selection of wisdom books we have created will help you develop this skill.

Having the wisest people as role models is something we have done since ancient times. It is a good way to learn about different areas of life. If someone has traveled a long road and knows its obstacles, shortcuts and how to travel it, why not use that knowledge to travel it ourselves, taking into account previous experiences.

In the history of mankind there have been many wise men from whom we still seek to gain a deep knowledge of things. Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and later philosophers are examples. In spirituality, Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi are other role models. At different levels, a wise person can help us lead a wiser and more harmonious life.

Although many perspectives agree that wisdom is something you are born with, most philosophies support the idea that it is possible to develop it over the years. It is not exclusive to those privileged with the gift.

Fill yourself with the light of knowledge with the more than 15 wisdom books in PDF format that we have gathered for you and with which we are sure you will learn about a wide variety of topics.

Here we present our complete selection of Wisdom books:

Wisdom as Orchestration of Mind and Virtue

Paul B Baltes

Wisdom An Integral View

Roger Walsh

A New Theory of Wisdom Integrating Intelligence and Morality

Wang Fengyan,Zheng Hong

1 Defining Wisdom

Free University of Berlin

Wisdom in Western Philosophy

Robert McDermott

Dynamics of Organizational Wisdom

J Martin Hays

The Cultural Wisdom as Foundation for Character Development Approach

Hernawati W Retno Wiratih

From Knowledge to Wisdom The Need for an Academic Revolution

Nicholas Maxwell

Socrates Conception of Knowledge and the Priority of Definition

Thomas A Firey

Asking the Right Questions for a Wisdom Culture

Dr Bernard McKenna

Perceived Wisdom in an Advice Giving Context

Free University of Berlin

Pedagogical Imagination and Practical Wisdom the Role of Good Narratives in Teacher Education and Professional Development

Ruhi Tyson

Practical Wisdom in Every Day Life (Article)

Imrich Ruisel

Wisdom and a Philosophical Exercise (Article)

Anette Prins

The Power of Language An Exploration of Wisdom (Article)

Luma Fayez Alsalah

Wisdom The Answer to all the Questions Really Worth Asking (Article)

Dr Andreas Fischer

Misconceptions Concerning Wisdom (Article)

UCL Discovery

The University of Wisdom Exploring the Role of Wisdom for Secondary and Tertiary Education (Article)

Christoph Teschers

Buddhist and Hindu Perspectives on the Role of Wisdom in Contemporary Education (Article)

Sue Erica Smith,Shalini Sharma

The Beginning of Wisdom (Presentation)

Reality SF

Here ends our selection of free Wisdom books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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