20+ Self-Esteem Books for Free! [PDF]

We are proud to present our selection of self-esteem books in PDF format. It is full of valuable content that will lead you to a deeper understanding of this topic. Discover all the theoretical foundations and practical ways to raise your self-esteem.

With our self-esteem books in PDF format, you will have at hand the keys to detect if your self-esteem is at a low or high level, as well as the psychological background that precedes it. We have no doubt that you will want to begin your studies of this topic in this section.

Self-esteem is defined as the collection of positive or negative perceptions, assessments and judgments a person has about himself or herself. It is intimately related to self-image and the capacity for self-acceptance. Self-esteem is built over the years, from childhood to adulthood and is not doomed to remain fixed.

In the process of creating our self-esteem, external factors intervene, so it can be modified over time. The ideal is that we evolve towards an improvement of this aspect and that we value and love ourselves more and more optimally and healthily.

Most people have a distorted perception of themselves, which generates conflict, difficulties in relationships and suffering in general. This is what we would call low self-esteem. The other type of self-esteem is high, which would represent the opposite, a more objective and healthy self-perception.

Discover everything you need to know about this interesting and important topic, by reading our collection of more than 20 books on self-esteem in PDF format. These are free distribution titles that you can download for free.

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Here we present our complete selection of Self-Esteem books:

1) The Little Book of Contentment

Leo Babauta

Source: Zen habits

2) Personal Confidence & Motivation

Sean McPheat

Source: Institute of Management education, Research and Training Library

3) Issues With Self Esteem?

Wellbeing Services South Glasgow

Source: NHSGGC: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

4) Self-Esteem

University of Washington

Source: University of Washington

5) How to increase your self-esteem

Penny Cloutte

Source: Alive2Thrive

6) Self-belief: how to believe in you!

Dr. Cate Howell

Source: Dr. Cate Howell

7) Improving Your Self-Esteem

L. Stewart & R. Donald

Source: NHS Borders

8) Building Self-esteem. A Self-Help Guide

Charles G. Curie and Bernard S. Arons

Source: LRJ Foundation

9) Self-esteem and Self-confidence (Article)

Student Health Service. Department of Health

Source: Student Health Service. Department of Health

10) Building Self Confidence (Presentation)

Chandra Krintz

Source: CRA

11) Self Esteem/Acceptance (Presentation)

Timothy D. Conroy

Source: Missouri Mental Health Foundation

12) Self-esteem (Article)


Source: Mind

13) Strategies To Build Healthy Self-Esteem (Article)

Kim Maertz

Source: McGill University

14) Building Self-Confidence (Article)

Various authors

Source: Public Domain

15) Developing Positive Self-Esteem (Article)

Capilano University

Source: Capilano University

16) The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (Article)

Brian Johnson

Source: Experience Life

17) Body Image, Self-Esteem and Mental Health (Article)

Canadian Mental Health Association’s BC Division

Source: HeretoHelp

18) Self-Esteem (Article)

Center for Integrated Healthcare

Source: Suicide Risk Management Consultation Program

19) Self-esteem. Advice and Information for Parents (Article)


Source: YoungMinds

20) Rosenberg self-esteem scale (Article)

The Fetzer Institute

Source: The Fetzer Institute

21) Self-Esteem (Article)

Saint Mary’s College

Source: Saint Mary’s College

25) Uniquely Me: A parents Guide to Building Body Confidence


Source: Dove

26) Changing self-esteem in children and adolescents: A roadmap for future interventions

Arjan E. R. Bos, Peter Muris, Sandra Mulkens and Herman P. Schaalma

Source: Core

27) Self-esteem and Self-confidence

Student Health Service. Department of Health

Source: Department of Health. Student Health Service

28) Self-esteem


Source: YoungMinds

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