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All human beings possess intelligence, it is a faculty and a skill that is developed during the different stages of life. But, like any skill, it can be improved and for this we recommend you to read the books to be smarter in PDF format that we have gathered for you to learn how to do it.

Being smarter involves improving cognitive processes such as memory, concentration, association, among others. But it also requires improving the ability to solve problems and adapt to the environment to achieve survival. Intelligence involves both biological and psychological factors. With this selection of books to become smarter you will be able to investigate all of them.

Thus, according to what we have mentioned above, intelligence is “the ability to acquire knowledge, to think and reason effectively, and to function adaptively in the environment”, according to Passer and Smith (2007). This is a broad definition that encompasses all the aspects we have discussed.

However, over time, the concept of intelligence has evolved considerably. It no longer seems to be the exclusive gift of brilliant minds, nor can it be determined only by the application of a test, such as the one that measures IQ. The exhaustive research work of important psychologists such as Daniel Goleman and Howard Gardner has shown that there is more than one type of intelligence and that each person develops one, two or more of them depending on their education, life experience and access to different opportunities.

Each individual is a unique case and has more facility to develop one or more different abilities than other individuals in their environment. This also means that to solve the same problem there may be different ways of proceeding and multiple ways of perceiving the reality around us.

Explore this collection of more than 10 books to be smarter in PDF format and develop your full potential.

Here we present our complete selection of Books to be Smarter:

Effective Study Techniques

University of Otago

Introducing and Evaluating a Study Smarter Not Harder

Tara T Lineweaver,Amanda C G,Diana Hilycord

Strategies for Success in Mathematics

Dr Neil Starr

Improve your Memory

The Institute of Water

Habits of Mind

Arthur L Costa

20 Learning Strategies to Help you Accelerate your Learning

The Universe Of Memory

Active Learning (Presentation)

James Cook University in Queensland

Study Tips Guide (Article)

International Western Australia

Whats Your Learning Style (Article)

Creative Commons Wiki

What is Significant Learning (Article)

Dr L Dee Fink

99 Habits That Will Make You a Smarter Woman (Article)


What Will Improve a Student s Memory

American Federation of Teachers

How to develop mental skill (Article)

Indian Railway

20 Memory Techniques (Article)

Alamo Colleges District

Tips for Improving Concentration (Article)

University of Manitoba

Here ends our selection of free Books to be Smarter in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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