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Time management is a crucial skill in modern life, allowing you to effectively balance work, leisure, and personal goals.

Our selection covers everything from practical guides to innovative theories, each designed to help you maximize your productivity and well-being.

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Books and Texts on Time Management in PDF

The Successful Person's Guide to Time Management

University of Kentucky

The Successful Person's Guide to Time Management by University of Kentucky is a practical workbook aimed at helping individuals manage their time effectively. It emphasizes the importance of balancing responsibilities and personal desires, and provides techniques for setting goals, assessing current time-management behaviors, identifying high-energy periods, and setting achievable goals.

Time management and productivity. A practical 8-step guide

Eagle's Flight

Time Management and Productivity: A Practical 8-Step Guide by Eagle's Flight is a concise guide that emphasizes the importance of time management and productivity in improving individual and organizational performance. It provides practical steps, tips, and exercises to enhance time management skills and boost productivity.

Time Management

Brian Tracy

Time Management by Brian Tracy is a guide on effective time management techniques. It emphasizes the importance of managing time to achieve success and provides practical strategies for maximizing productivity. The book covers topics such as setting priorities, creating plans, overcoming procrastination, and organizing workspaces.

Tips for more effective personal time management

Salt Lake Community College

Tips for more effective personal time management by Salt Lake Community College is a guide that provides practical advice on planning, goal setting, prioritizing, and utilizing time effectively. It emphasizes the importance of organization, flexibility, and eliminating distractions to enhance personal productivity.

Time Management

Columbus Technical College

Time Management by Columbus Technical College is a participant guide that provides training materials on time management. It covers topics such as setting SMART goals, prioritizing time, planning wisely, tackling procrastination, crisis management, organizing workspace, delegating, setting rituals, meeting management, and alternatives to meetings.

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Prudent Partners

Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Prudent Partners is a guide to understanding and implementing effective time management strategies. It emphasizes the importance of good time management for productivity and success in various aspects of life. The PDF provides insights on the basics of time management, the consequences of poor time management, and tips for improving one's time management skills.

A short guide to time management

University of Birmingham

A Short Guide to Time Management by University of Birmingham provides techniques and strategies for effective time management, helping individuals organize their work and reduce stress. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing tasks, using calendars and to-do lists, setting goals and deadlines, seeking advice from tutors, and developing good habits.

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