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In our efforts to grow our virtual library, we continue to create collections within the topic of personal development. In this opportunity, we present a selection of coaching books in PDF format, with quality and relevant information on this topic.

With our collection of coaching books in PDF format, the readers of our community will be able to learn about a discipline that will help them grow personally and professionally, achieving goals that will allow them to live in a more fulfilling way.

Coaching originally comes from the field of sports. The etymology of the word is English and means “training”. Therefore, traditionally, coaches are trainers who help athletes in the physical, disciplinary, competitive, strategic and mental aspects to succeed in the discipline they practice.

The history of coaching is relatively new. It emerged as a concept beyond the sports sector, when Timothy Gallwey, in the 1970s, published a book in which he taught a methodology to teach players how to break down obstacles (especially mental ones) to obtain a better sports performance.

The strategies published by Timothy Gallwey were so effective that he was soon motivated to present them in the business environment for teamwork and leadership. The method was adapted and put into practice in many organizations, which soon began to require business coaches who could meet the needs of continuous improvement.

Later, Thomas J. Leonard improved and applied the method in the personal area. In other words, any individual can adopt the principles of coaching to their life and achieve many personal goals that they have not been able to achieve so far.

Coaching today is a very valuable tool and there are coaches all over the world helping people in different areas of their personal and professional lives. Check out the more than 25 coaching books in PDF format that we have selected for our community and that are available for immediate and free download.


Introduction to coaching

Atlantic International University

How to Coach

Mind Tools

Mentoring and coaching

Alexa Michae

Coaching Fundamentals

Ana Karakusevic

Global Code Of Ethics For Coaches & Mentors

EMCC Global

Business Coaching Books

Coaching is a matter of the current century, there are many people who exercise this function in order to become a coach for the benefit of others. In the business area there are many who can help you to achieve success in this area.

Business coaching books are ideal if you want to train yourself, since they have been written by professionals in the field, even Robert Kiyosaki has written several, so that you learn the secret of success.

Now, what does business coaching mean? It is a set of efforts and techniques that are focused on working with the collaborators of an organization and that aims to bring efficiency to the results, motivation and satisfaction of human personnel.

How to implement effective coaching processes within your organisation

Natalie Van Der Veen, Alison Reid And Dr Natalie Cunningham

Online Coaching Business

Matt Cama

Coaching Employees Toward better performarce


Executive Coaching

Institute for Employment Studies

How to Create a 6-Figure Coaching Business in 7 Easy Steps

Kellie deRuyter CPC

Coaching for Professional Development

Joel DiGirolamo

Coaching Employees to Reach Optimal Performance

Deloitte US

Nutritional Coaching Books

The nutritional coaching books provide the reader with a complete guide to improve nutrition, and therefore health, and also provide clear and specific procedures for many cases of poor nutrition.

In the midst of an environment where eating a lot of “junk food” is affordable in many parts of the world, there are many people who do not have an adequate diet, this generates eating disorders and diseases, which can sometimes be fatal.

In this sense, it is not a bad idea to be trained by reading nutritional coaching books, since they become a personalized and professional tutor that we can consult at any time. This prevents us from falling into a nutritional error and being harmed in the long term.

Sports Nutrition for youth: A handbook for coaches

Alberta Health Services

Role of the Coach in Nutrition

UK Coaching

Guide for Nutrition Coaches

University of Southern Maine

Nutrition Guide for Coaches

Special Olympics Michigan

Performance nutrition coach education handbook

S. Ellie Yanek and S. Inead Empsey

Personal Coaching Books

Can’t move forward? Don’t know how to reach your goals? Don’t worry, look for help, there is plenty available today. There are many professionals, counselors, who practice as a coach or trainer.

A personal coach is a professional who handles proven tools, with which they apply different techniques to eliminate mental blocks that prevent us from moving forward in any area of our lives, and help us achieve personal or professional goals.

If you want to know in depth or prepare yourself in the matter, the personal coaching books are an excellent option, in them you will find a diversity of teachings, examples and techniques that you can try yourself and see their effectiveness.

Thinking of Becoming a Life Coach?


Emotion Coaching

Media & File Management

Coaching individuel

Butterfly & CO

Coaching to personality types


Personal Assessment Coaching Guide

Various authors

Sports Coaching Books

In the world of sports, it is essential to achieve success, whether individually or as a team. However, it is not an easy thing to achieve, so it requires not only effort and dedication, but also sensible training, guided by professionals and experts.

There are many people that we can take as an example, but one of the most notable today, is the professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese who has managed to become one of the best soccer players in history, who has at his side personal and sports coaches that guide him step by step in his training.

To better understand what the matter is about, you can read the sports coaching books. You will surely find tools that will help you if you are an athlete, or train to help others.

Coaching Guide Athletics

Susie Bennett-Yeo, Venisha Bowler, Wanda S. Durden and Dave Lenox

INF Foundation Coaching Manual

World Netball

International Sport Coaching Framework


Coaching Athletes: A Fondation for Success

La84 Research Reports

Qualities Of A Great Sports Coach

Olympics Sports

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