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Leadership Books

Leading from within: Building Organizational Leadership Capacity

David R. Kolzow

Leading from within: Building Organizational Leadership Capacity, explores various aspects of leadership, including its definition, styles, effective leadership behaviors, critical leadership competencies, learning leadership skills, dealing with change, and building leadership capacity within organizations.

Developing Human Potential

Gina S. Matkin; Jason Headrick; and Hannah Sunderman

Developing Human Potential, explores various aspects of leadership, including self-awareness, personal values, communication, trust, diversity, conflict management, and civic engagement. It offers insights, strategies and ideas to help people develop their leadership skills and unlock their potential.

Becoming a Better Leader. Applying Key Strategies

Routledge & CRC Press

Becoming a Better Leader: Applying Key Strategies, provides strategies, methods, and insights for leadership development. It features contributions from top scholars and practitioners in the field, covering topics such as leadership toolkit, effective follower skills, ethical leadership, virtual leadership, multicultural and global leadership, and more.

Leadership Training Manual for Women Leaders of Cooperatives

International Labour Office

Leadership Training Manual for Women Leaders of Cooperatives, this document focuses specifically on providing leadership training to women leaders in cooperatives. Provides information and guidance on developing leadership skills and promoting gender equality within cooperative organizations.

Introduction to Leadership & Management

Health knowledge

Introduction to Leadership & Management, is a workbook on leadership and management. It is designed to provide participants with an understanding of leadership theories, management skills, team dynamics, and change management.

What is Leadership Development: Purpose and Practice

Richard Bolden

What is Leadership Development: Purpose and Practice, explores the purpose and practice of leadership development. It discusses changing concepts of leadership, the contemporary context of leadership development, approaches to leadership development, and various methods such as leadership courses, workshops, coaching, and e-learning.

Successful leadership

Christopher Day, Pamela Sammons

Successful leadership, provides a comprehensive review of international literature on successful leadership in schools. It explores various aspects of leadership, including transformational leadership, instructional/pedagogical leadership, and distributed leadership.

A Handbook of Higher Education Leadership

Oregon State University

A Handbook of Higher Education Leadership, provides advice, insights, and lessons learned for aspiring leaders, presidents, chancellors, instructors, and students in leadership courses. Essays cover diverse topics such as culture, leadership selection, budgeting, student success, research, crisis communication, fundraising, athletics, and leadership transitions.

Personal Leadership Developmetn Toolkit

Martha A. Reavley

Personal Leadership Development Toolkit, is a resource designed to help individuals discover and activate their leadership potential. It provides a step-by-step guide for developing leadership values, vision, personality awareness, self-confidence, and setting leadership development goals.

Leadership Development

National Minority AIDS Council

Leadership Development, provides a comprehensive manual on leadership development, specifically addressing the challenges of HIV/AIDS in communities of color. The manual covers various topics such as leadership theories, personal styles, leadership styles, creating empowering climates, and more.

Leadership Guides

Leadership Manual

Erik Kruger

Leadership Manual by Erik Kruger, provides practical plays and frameworks for improving meetings, fostering accountability, giving feedback, creating psychological safety, embracing uncertainty, and developing self-awareness. The manual emphasizes the importance of mastering change and offers insights to help leaders transform themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

The 7 Crucial Skills of Leadership

Dennis Haley

The 7 crucial leadership skills, provides valuable information on the essential skills necessary for effective leadership. It offers practical guidance and insights that can benefit people looking to improve their leadership skills.

Leadership coaching toolkit

Dion Leadership

Leadership Coaching Toolkit, covers various topics related to leadership coaching, including an overview of leadership coaching, coaching process implementation guidelines, assessment of the need for coaching, support materials for clients and executive sponsors, coach roles and expectations. leadership and strategies to maximize the return on investment in coaching.

What is leadership?

Dave Ulrich

What is Leadership? by Dave Ulrich explores the concept of leadership and addresses the challenges of understanding and defining leadership in a cohesive manner. It discusses the importance of clarifying the outcomes of good leadership, mastering the basics of leadership, creating a leadership brand, and ensuring leadership sustainability.

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