15+ Persuasion Books for Free! [PDF]

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Persuasive communication is one of those topics that never go out of fashion. It has multiple applications and is very useful in certain contexts. For this reason we have had to create the collection of persuasion books in PDF format, since we know that it will be very useful for our community that seeks through this resource to achieve their professional or personal goals.

If you want to learn the art of influencing people through speech, it is an excellent idea to start with this selection of persuasion books in PDF format, as they will introduce you to the subject and make you think.

Persuasion can be defined as the ability to convince others to think, feel and/or act in a certain way. In a broader sense, it can be said to be the art of influencing others, convincing them through arguments and reasons of an idea that leads them to change as the persuader wishes.

The basis of persuasion is language, so much of the mastery of this skill also consists of the development of advanced communication skills, public speaking and mass communication tools. That is why persuasion has application in different fields such as advertising, commerce, sales, politics and law.

For example, in sales, the public or target customers are offered the best qualities of the service or product in a very effective way, facilitating the purchase and convincing them that acquiring that good is the best decision they can make. In politics, leaders use persuasive communication strategies to convince citizens or voters that their ideology is the right one.

Check out our more than 15 persuasion books in PDF format and start mastering the strategies needed to conquer this skill.

Here we present our complete selection of Persuasion books:

Persuasive Language

IP Awareness Foundation

Persuasive Marketing Communications

Dalarna Universitys

Persuasion Empirical Evidence

Stefano DellaVigna,Matthew Gentzkow

Persuasion Influencing Others for Effective Change

WV Department of Transportation

Persuasion Neuroscience New Potential to Test Dual Process Theories

Stephanie Vezicha,Emily B Falkb,Matthew D Liebermana

Meta-Analysis on Visual Persuasion Does Adding Images to Texts Influence Persuasion

Kiwon Seo

The Ethics of Persuasion in Technology

Nathaniel Zinda

Powers of Persuasion (Presentation)


Three Ways to Persuade (Article)

John Edlund

Persuasion (Article)

Welcome to GOV UK

Using Persuasive Communication to Foster Appropriaton of Code of Ethics Standards by an Organization s Employees (Article)

Yanick Farmer

Dr Robert Cialdini and 6 Principles of Persuasion (Article)

Tom Polanski

The Art of Persuasion Skills for Everyone (Article)

Tom G Palmer

Influencing skills a how to Guide or How to get what you Want Without Making Enemies

Jo Norry

Linkage between Persuasion principles and Advertising (Article)

Ojenike Bolatito

The Art of Communication Persuasion Through Story Telling (Article)

Jay Sullivan

Persuasive Techniques (Article)

Saylor Academy

Science of Persuasion and Persuasion in Science (Presentation)

Melita Kovacevic

Here ends our selection of free Persuasion books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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